Jupiter in Bharani

Vedic Astrology Insights for April 2024

The Jupiter story for the next two weeks written by resident astrologer Nymph of Neptune.


Vedic Astrology Insights for April 2024

Welcome to a transformative journey as Jupiter moves through Bharani. As we transition from winter into the vibrancy of spring in the northern hemisphere, the cosmos aligns to offer a narrative of growth, opportunity, and profound shifts. Our resident astrologer, Nymph of Neptune, shares insights into this pivotal moment in the celestial dance.

Jupiter's Influence: Expansion & Peace

A few weeks ago as I was studying the astrology moving from winter into spring for the northern hemisphere, I noticed something worth writing home about – Jupiter moving through Bharani, the final portion of Aries.

Jupiter is an important planet, his movements show signs of where we will get new opportunities, room for expansion, and the chance to travel. It doesn’t have to be literal travel, a good Jupiter transit in your chart can simply mean the expansion of your network, your world opening up around you so that you feel more alive.

When Jupiter is strong in our birth chart, we have good morals and are always striving to do the right thing. Each planet serves their own purpose. Jupiter wants to uplift, which is why I like to focus on Jupiter’s movements and am always eager to share a client’s Jupiter transits with them during a consultation. The other key thing about Jupiter is that he changes signs only once a year, and we’re coming up to the switchover from Jupiter in Aries, to Jupiter in Taurus. 

In the vedic calendar, Jupiter will  change signs from Aries to Taurus on May 1st, and stay there until May 2025. 

The Significance of Bharani Nakshatra

But the reason for this article, is that before Jupiter makes the switch, Jupiter moves through the final portion of Bharani nakshatra between now and April 15th

Bharani is the last nakshatra within Aries, bridging the gap between the initiative focussed Aries sign, and the sensual, Venus ruled sign of Taurus. 

I want to let you guys in on Jupiter’s transit in Bharani between now and April 15th.

This is a nakshatra ruled by both Venus and Saturn, the deity being Yama, God of death. The Venus quality here means that it’s a very amorous, sexual part of Aries. As we get closer to the beauty and sensuality of Jupiter in Taurus, this final nakshatra blends the masculine with the feminine. Saturn being its ruler, people with Jupiter in Bharani know the value of pleasure, but are very hard workers. Saturn’s rulership over this nakshatra means that we gain benefits and will have an easier time during this transit if we put our heads down and work diligently towards a goal. Being helpful and kind to others is especially important over the next couple months. Saturn is the planet of karma, and it is said that Saturn never looks away. He is always watching our every deed, so that eventually any negative karma we produce will come back to us at some point. Saturn relates to the elderly and teachers, or those who serve us.

Practical Guidance: Harnessing Jupiter's Energy

If between now and April 15th you can spare a smile or a kind gesture towards someone who might benefit from it, those acts will generate good karma for you and others. Being in service throughout the first few weeks of April will bring you greater peace and satisfy Jupiter’s need here to be productive, not only for ourselves but in community with others.  

I like to think of the next few weeks as a birth canal. The symbol of Bharani is indeed the yoni, indicative of the pressurizing force it creates, as well as its connection to the feminine. This period of Jupiter in Bharani until mid April is constricting us so that we can produce our best work.  We are collectively in a re-birthing stage before Jupiter gets to Taurus in May. The strong paradox inherent within Bharani as it is the constellation of both birth and death speaks to the ending of a cycle.

Conclusion: Embrace the Cosmic Shift

There is a judgement call to be made while Jupiter is in Bharani. Jupiter rules justice, and is always seeking fair balance. There is a formidable quality to Jupiter in Bharani that I sense will remove anything that’s not necessary.

Now more than ever, it's crucial to hone in on what truly enriches your life. As Bharani teaches us to balance pleasure and duty, let's also prioritise our dreams and the relationships that ground and sustain them. If you can feel the revolving door of your life turning, let it take things away that do not serve you, and trust that when Jupiter moves into Taurus in May, something new will want your engagement. 

Use these next six weeks to remove what is not essential, so that you are left with what lights up your creativity. If you have precise dreams or goals, make sure you’re nurturing the people and activities that serve the foundations of those destinations. 


With Love,

Nymph of Neptune

Annabelle Hookway-Jones