With all the joys that come with winter, the possibility of snow, festivities and crisp walks, the season does come with its downfalls. Namely winter bugs. According to Ayurveda, seasonal changes naturally have an effect on our immune system, with it weakening over the autumn to winter, and winter to spring period. In Ayurveda the theory of immunity is called Beej-bhumi which means “seed of the land”. This is referring to the body as a fertile land, which inevitably creates a perfect environment for which bugs can grow. 

So how can we naturally boost the immune system with Ayurveda? Today we look at natural defences in Ayurveda against the common cough, cold, flu and other winter bugs. 

Immunity and Digestion 

As with our immunity fluctuating with seasons, so too does our digestive system. What we fuel our bodies with in the summer will not necessarily work for our bodies during winter, which is why it is important to follow appropriate Ayurvedic seasonal guidelines. We recommend avoiding cold foods and chilled beverages, and instead incorporate warming foods such as spices, onions, as well as cooked grains such as oatmeal and legumes. 

If we consume the wrong types of foods, this can throw our digestive system out of balance, and cause a build up of Ama, which creates the perfect storm for viruses to grow. To help you bring about balance through the colder months, we have formulated boosters and herbal infusions to prevent an imbalance of Ama within the body, and to support our Kapha, the energy within us that governs immunity.

How to naturally boost my immune system

When it comes to Ayurveda cold and flu treatments, there is nothing that works better than prevention. To help you improve your immunity in Ayurveda, we have created our Therapeutic Rescue Kits. Depending on what you feel your body particularly needs at this moment, we have a kit for you. Whether that is our Gut Health Support Kit, Hormonal Balance Support Kit or our Immune System Support Kit.

Within our Immune System Support Therapeutic Rescue Kit you will find three ayurvedic products that will naturally enhance your immune system through our natural booster, massage oil and herbal infusion. 

immune system ayurveda

  • Organic Ashwagandha Booster - Our Organic Ashwagandha Booster is a 100% all natural, wild-harvested full-spectrum healing adaptogen prescribed to help your body boost its natural immunity, balance blood sugar levels and calm the mind. 

Simply add 1stp of our natural immunity boosting supplement to your warm oats or glass of warm milk and reap the benefits to your mind and body.

  • Spirited Kapha Body Oil - Kapha is the energy within us that governs immunity. By using our Kapha Body Oil you will be infusing your body with our fortifying Ayurvedic blend to help you regain balance and alleviated lethargy, flu-like symptoms and revive the senses when feeling low and listless. Not to mention, it feels absolutely divine, and will leave your skin feeling petal soft. Perfect for preparing for a deep night's sleep. Another contributor to a strong immune system. 

To benefit from this fortifying blend, begin by warming the bottle between your hands. Start by massaging the oil into your skin starting from your feet and working upwards towards your shoulders, working in soothing circular motions over your chest, and long strokes across your limbs. 


  • Spirited Kapha Herbal Infusion - To further balance your Kapha from within, our Ayurveda Immune System Support Kit includes our much loved Spirited Kapha Infusion. This revitalizing Ayurvedic blend with Holy Basil, Apple, Vervain, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Honeybush, Lemon balm leaves, Rooibos and Marigold Blossoms will help bolster your inner strength so you can better fight winter colds and flu.
Using the included engraved spoon, fill a strainer with our Ayurvedic immune boosting infusion and steep in a cup of boiling water. Allow 2-3 minutes for the infusion to disperse into the water, before drinking.
    James Oakley