Highly intelligent and sociable but not always reachable, Gemini can appear aloof but it's no bad thing to process thoughts before taking action.  They sometimes struggle to make concrete decisions but once made, they have the wit, stamina and brains to make their dreams come true. 

Great souls born under the sign of Gemini include Marilyn Monroe, Ian McKellen, Angelina Jolie, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman and maybe you or someone you know.

If you sensed the full moon bringing out the lunatic in you, relax and just be.   Being is a super powerful way of doing, so stop judging.   As Constable said 'for let the form of an object be what it may be - light, shade and perspective will always make it beautiful".  

To get clear on what you want and need, first and foremost, get out in the fresh air. Pay attention to the sounds and sights. Go for a run to burn some of that frenzied energy, do a yoga class to balance within and then sit in deep meditation.  I always find it helps if I internally think of a question before I begin.  In this case, the question might be "higher self, reveal what you would have me do and how you would have me do it" Once the meditation is over, take a pen and paper and start writing. The answer will flow through you, as long as you allow time to be, rather than simply do. Above all, when you see yourself acting out of character, stop, take a deep breath and give thanks.  Thanks for noticing, thanks for stopping, thanks for another moon cycle, which allows you to begin a new.  Good luck. 


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