For many of us, our days have lost their structure. What I find helps me stay calmer and gain perspective is a daily practice inspired by ‘dinacharya’ – an Ayurvedic routine for greater wellbeing.

I’ve adapted my routine to suit modern living and in sharing elements of it here, I truly hope it helps you in some small way.

Morning Ritual

The morning dinacharya practice begins with giving gratitude as there is no greater prayer.  Aside of brushing our teeth, we then follow tongue scraping to remove toxins and oil pulling to strengthen gums and release jaw tension.  Next it’s vital we empty our bowels, as a build-up of toxins weakens immunity and makes us feel listless and low.  I then add a modern twist by writing my unconscious mind chatter on a piece of paper, as inspired some years ago by ‘Julia Cameron’s – The Artists Way. The act of simply writing down the mind chatter on paper really helps realise it and start the day fresh. With mind ready for stillness, I sit in sweet meditation, followed by reading an uplifting passage from one of my favourite books.


Afternoon Slump

If you’re finding yourself having an afternoon slump, now is the time to take a walk and be with nature – it will comfort and bring joy.  You can then return and take a lovely on-line yoga class.  There are so many brilliant teachers out there and we even have a couple in our team.  Our social media manager Annabelle, happens to also be a yoga teacher and for those who missed her yoga nidra class, you can catch it again on our YouTube Channel and on our Instagram feed, so grab yourself  our ‘at home yoga’ kit and prepare for serenity and calm. 

Early Evening Rituals

Our award-winning Himalayan Healing Salts help replenish lost minerals and gently soothe the skin. Read the benefits over at our ‘The Ultimate Guide to Himalayan Salts’ here.  Let the warm water cocoon you and invite a moment of stillness.  Next, move to gentle self-massage.  When stress weights us down it can often manifest as puffy, dull, dehydrated skin. Firstly, massage the body using one of our ‘dosha balancing’ blends.  Work inwards towards the heart.  When working on the belly, begin with one anti-clockwise circle to get the colon moving, then working clockwise before finishing anti-clockwise.  With body hydrated, we move to the facial routine. Our hand hand-crafted Anti-Ageing Skin Massage Tool works beautifully with our Supreme Skin Serum to release tension and leave skin looking sculpted, rehydrated and glowing with vitality.


Peaceful Thoughts

As seen in this weekend’s Sunday Times Style, our  Therapeutic Rescue Kits have been designed to bring perfect balance.  Each kit contains our new organic booster supplements, best-selling massage oils and blissfully soothing herbal infusions.  These immune system support kits are designed to help you end the evening feeling calm and wake rested.  Finally, end the day with a short meditation for deep rest.  You can find one here – as done by Will Williams, (who taught me meditation some years back) and give gratitude for the day that’s been.

Claire D’Antin