It’s international Men’s day and a perfect time to share Bittu’s, our very own bearded guru and Mauli Rituals Co-Founder, his top eco-friendly, ethical gift list for stylish men with a conscience. 

“When I consider gifting, my top priority is to find ethically made, environmentally-friendly products that will endure as opposed to end up in landfill” - Bittu Kaushal 

bittu Kaushal shares his eco-friendly ethical Christmas wishlist


 "As a fully signed up mamil I love the look of these. A unique style, sustainably made in the UK by a family firm, what’s not to like.” Bittu 

Dashel Cycle Helmet in Blue Cobalt

Dashel Helmets are made sustainably. Manufactured at a factory in Cornwall, which makes helmets for the military and marine industry.

Dashel Cycle ethical helmets

Their helmets have a multi-impact liner that doesn't degrade over time. These helmets are designed to last.


 "Shorts made from plastic bottles with £1 from every pair sold going to the marine Conservation Society, and they look great!” - Bittu

Riz swimwear

Riz passionately believe in crafting swimwear with soul. All their shorts are made in Europe and in genuinely small batches. They do not mass produce! Every pair of shorts is also digitally printed in the UK. 

Every pair of Riz shorts is tailored from 100% recycled and recyclable fabric (plastic bottles). By offering a 25% discount on a new pair of shorts, they also encourage you to donate your old unwanted shorts for them to repair, recycle or rehome.

Rizs swimshorts

Whether triple stitching the shorts for durability, or packaging their products in recycled boxes, Riz is dedicated to delivering uncompromising craftsmanship and quality.


"A pair of Wado sneakers, “ The retro look of these reminds me of my Dunlop Green Flash from back in the day.” Bittu

Wado sustainable shoes

Their leather is tanned using the Wet-White (Chromium-free, one of the most harmful existing chemicals.) process, specially developed to improve its biodegradability once we get rid of our shoes. Thus, your feet are in contact with a healthier material. 

Wado Shoes

They also plant trees for each pair pre-ordered on indiegogo.


"Always happy to support innovative design and all proceeds from their Bradley KBT range go toward supporting blind children in East Africa. “ - Bittu

Eone Tell time by touch or sight.

Pressed by the conviction that everyone has a right to time, Hyungsoo Kim, founder of Eone collaborated with designers and individuals with vision impairments to create a watch that everyone can use — sighted or not.

Bradley x KBT

Eone has teamed up with the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust on this special edition Bradley timepiece. Each purchase of this edition helps blind children in East Africa read, write, and learn through braille.

Mauli Rituals

"Beard hair is coarse and prevents light and air getting you your skin.  The herbs in Nourish heal and replenish the skin and the hit of that multilayered aroma first thing in the morning is always amazing.” Bittu

Nourish Post-Shave and Beard Oil

Nourish Beard Oil combines light, luxurious oils of rejuvenating moringa and blackseed, tissue healing argan, detoxifying watermelon seed, conditioning coconut and almond, infused with neem extracts and our decadent all-natural fragrance essential oils.  This supreme blend conditions and heals the skin, while leaving unruly beard and brows beautifully manageable with a sublime, lingering scent.

Mauli Rituals