Ayurveda translates to the ‘science of life’ and within that, there is the knowledge that all things are connected. When we look at bathing, it is not simply an act of cleansing, but one that brings a sense of total true wellbeing.  
We at Mauli are committed to offering pure, purposeful products that rejuvenate the skin and internal organs, while soothing aching muscles and calming the mind. The body is its own ecosystem and our layered bathing ritual is designed to balance and bring the clarity to appreciate loving others and above all, having love for Self. 
Our Bathing Ritual to Balance through Ayurveda

Credit photo Anita Austvika


Bathing Ritual Including Natural Essential Oil Candle1. SIGHT 

Switch off all artificial lights and feel the glow of Mauli’s Sundaram & Silence Candle.  As you focus your sight on this point of light, you’ll begin to let go of all mind chatter and ease into reawakening.


Himalayan Healing Salts

Constant radiation from devices depletes us of vital minerals, so replenish with our Himalayan Healing Salts, infused with 13 exquisite therapeutic oils to dissolve all physical and emotional tension.

Surrender Vata Body Oil


Massage is vital to detoxification; stimulation of the lymphatic system and to building healthy bones and an alert mind. Enjoy this blissful blend in running bath water to allow the nourishing oils to penetrate deeply.




As you relax into your sacred bathing ritual, become mindful of all the sounds – the water running, the candle flickering, the heart beating or if you prefer, play the ‘snana’ bathing mantra. Be open to hearing everything and take moments with eyes closed to become still and present to the wonder of if all.


Serenity Infusion to hydrate the body after a bath ritualOnce out of the bath, sip our herbal infusions and be open to the deliciousness of the moment and give thanks for the healing that’s just occurred.

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