A few daily rituals that serve me well and I hope they do the same for you.

Anita Kaushal's Morning Rituals | Mauli Rituals

On opening my eyes, I give gratitude for being gifted another day. My morning shower is my cue to further count my blessings and I then apply the nutrient rich Sacred Union Scent and Dry Oil, with Coconut and Argan oil and Vitamin C, because it's a quick, yet highly nourishing tip to toe product.

I then grab a glass of warm water with lemon and head to the top floor of our home to do a twenty minute meditation, sun salutations and time permitting, I'll read a nourishing passage from one of my treasured books. You may not manage this whole ritual but trust me, just 5 minutes of emptying the mind will supercharge your day and those of you with the least time, need this the most.

If you don't manage just 5 minutes of quiet meditation time in your daily rituals, practice a little mindfulness with something as simple as noticing each moment of making your breakfast, or of the changing shapes and colours in the garden or indeed observing the landscape on the way to work.

When the day is done and I walk through my front door, I am reminded of my husbands words - 'first five minutes'. This is his top rule to live by. When you enter a room, be mindful of the energy you bring in those first five minutes. No matter how seemingly bad your day has been, for those few minutes, put it all aside and bring your best to everyone you meet. No complaining, no mood, just love and kindness.

Evenings are similar to my mornings, with a nightly soak in our healing salts, followed by self massage including on the healing reflexes of the feet and then my 20 minute meditation practice and lights out a little gratitude re-count as I drift off to sleep.


Sacred Union Scent & Dry Oil | Mauli Rituals Journal


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