thank you for sharing your much valued sentiments - it makes it all worthwhile...



"When recommended by a non-bearded friend, I was somewhat sceptical about Mauli Rituals’ “best beard oil”. However, after taking the leap of faith, I immediately noticed 2 differences: some taming of the inherent wildness, and a more lush, softer beard. I must add that I also noticed a change in the conversations being started from: ⁃ Inhale. Swoon. “Your beard smells so good! Can we cuddle?” All in all, an overwhelmingly positive experience from customer service through packaging aesthetics and product use, such that I immediately re-ordered for fear of being without."

Sean R. Smith

I adore this serum, my skin feels softer and is definitely brighter, I’ve been using it on its own and also mixing a drop into my tinted moisturiser in the day which gives a lovely glow.  And I love the smell – a real ritual and a real treat. You’ve got a convert."

Andrea Catherwood – Newsreader, Journalist


"I have my Mauli bracelet on now. Every time I feel stressed or overwhelmed I look at it and remember the meaning - puts everything into perspective".

Carly Musleh


"The Radiance Exfoliant has sandalwood, rose and vetiver.  I don't know what the magic ingredient of this formula is, but I love it".

Mario Monforte


"You know instantly when you try something amazing. Something that you will still thinking about the following day. I was instantly drawn to the quality, decadent packing, exquisite scent and pureness".

Julia Krajnakova – Make up Artist


"Stocked up on Mauli Radiance Mask – I love it".

Dana James - Functional Medicine Nutritionist


"The Supreme Skin Serum is extraordinarly hydrating and rejuvenating and devine smelling".

S. Reygate - Make–up artists to Daisy Lowe, Florence Welch


"I am just finishing my bottle of dry oil and the radiance exfoliant. I cannot even tell you how much I love the scent of both products".

Dana Lamm


I returned home exhausted and collapsed into an elixir of bath oils and scents. Like a restless agigated babe I soon found solace...I actually awoke the next day at 12! Which I've never done in my life! I then crawled into the shower like a wounded animal and used your lime wash to transform into a revilatised Samurai Warrior once more...ready for my next battle".

J.Pyott - Designer

"Your products are absolutely exquisite. I used Surrender massage oil on my little girl last night as she was restless in bed and within minutes she had calmed down and had one of her best night’s sleep ever!".

Anna Patricio - Sales & Marketing Director


"The face exfoliant which I started using a month ago and which has now upsurped all my other exfoliants (just gorgeous)".

Emine Rushton - Psychologies Wellness Director


"Mauli has touched my soul and I am addicted to your products"".

Daniela Cecilio Neves - Founder ASAP54


I wanted to say how much I am in love with your products. I stopped by Cap in NYC and knew the moment I smelled this that I have found my scent. I haven't worn any scents in over 8 years so I am happy to have discovered your line.

Lauren LaFleur


"I received my Revive the Senses kit today from Net a Porter and I am obsessed. Everything in this small black box fills my heart with joy. I opened the Sacred Oil first and love the subtle warmth and comfort it brings. I used the exfoliant tonight before bed and followed with the serum and my regular routine. My face is glowing! Thank you for these beautiful products".

Michelle Karabinas, Rochester, NY, US


"I just received the Mauli skin serum and I absolutely love it!! It smells amazing and feels so lovely on the skin. The ingredients are some of my favourites too - I love rose otto and argan".

Jessica-Christin Hametner


"The Mauli Rituals Hair Oil is so amazing.  I've been using it for almost 2 months and can certainly see the difference.  My hair is growing so much quicker and thicker than before".

Michelle Mish


The most beautiful soothing, reviving, intoxicating products. I'm a new fan – such a gorgeous range.

Sarah Raygate - Make-up Artist


"I absolutely LOVE Mauli. I had an honour Claire bath and scrub the other night. I’m so thrilled the products are so good that I feel sincerely excited to recommend them highly".

Claire Fulton - Photographer & Art Director


"Just ordered from you. Amazing. Feels like I put some delightful nectar from the Gods in my hair".

Shonda Adams


"I love this elixir.  A permanent fixture in my hair routine".

Founder of Maslow & Co


"Grow Strong Hair Oil is delicious. Just put a few drops on roots to tips before bed and when you wake your hair will feel hydrated and luscious. One of my favourite hair products to date".

Rayne Embley - TV Presenter


"I have throughly enjoyed the Mauli products! There is such genuine life wisdom in the brand and every time I reach for the products on the shelf I feel centred and a sense of wellbeing, even before using them. When using them, I carry the feeling of wellbeing throughout my day".

Sara Giudici


Just wanted to let you know that I've just had the most amazing Mauli Indian, head, neck & back massage treatment at The Bulgari Spa. I really enjoyed the treatment ritual which included Marma point massage on my face using the Supreme skin face serum…divine! I love the Pitta body oil which was used to massage my back, neck and shoulders. Finally the grow strong hair oil was simply wonderful! I feel completely rejuvenated"

C. Saunders - COO of British luxury brand


Mauli Himalayan Healing Salts are exquisite to lie and unwind…. Don't waste these on a quick bath..... Indulge and enjoy

Kiz - blogger


Thank you for sending out our first two orders so promptly. Everything we have received is of the utmost quality - rare, we find, these days."

Christopher C Brookes - Proprietor - Organic Culinary School


I’ve been using the face serum every single day and I just love it! I’ve seen a great improvement in my skin and the scent is so lovely and relaxing".

Abby Officer - Brand Relations Net-A-Porter


I  have just received my ordered Mauli products and they arrived smelling divine and so beautifully packed! They look amazing and it was so nice to receive them".

Carin Harring


"I love the smell of Grow Strong - so warm and comforting. My hair definitely feels softer and healthier. It also worked really well to tame the fly-aways and gave an extra shine. I only used 2 drops on my whole head and it was perfect. It's now become a part of my beauty regime".

Sophie Ollis - Beauty Blogger


At once both calming and rejuvenating, Mauli feels like a gift to myself - of peace and balance, and precious time out. And one I'll share with those I love."

Laura Bailey – Model, writer and contributing editor, British Vogue


"The Mauli treatment was beautiful - I could have done with another hour."

Hetty Chidwick - Country Life


"I absoutely love this tea and it makes me feel attuned, present and gives me a sense of stillness, while reducing time constructed anxieties."

Sheetal Vyas


"Mauli Beauty has a range of gorgeously luxurious products which literally smell like heaven on earth (you know when you don’t want to stop breathing in?!). After using the range, I felt completely content. If you feel like feeling good, then honestly, genuinely, 100%, I cannot recommend Mauli Beauty more."

ReallyRee - Beauty Blogger


"I had been searching for the perfect scent for sometime and then my wife gave me M. It feels warm, distinctive and elegant, without being obtrusive. A scent, for me, is something to be enjoyed by me and the one I embrace."

Tobias Round - Theatre Producer


Your treatment at Bulgari was a unique experience because it was really gentle and soothing and perfect for someone who was feeling a bit fragile and needed some coocooning and comfort. I had the Spirited Massage Oil and the scent was beautiful. You must be getting amazing feedback because it was truly special."

Bora Kwon - Beauty Editor: Tank and Because Magazine


"We all love a product that makes our beauty regimes all the more efficient, whether that be our trusty Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge or NARS The Multiple. Well, now there’s a third product we can add to our artilleries to complete the trio and that’s the beautifully fragranced Mauli Sacred Union Scent and Dry Oil to leave skin and hair suitably lavished, nourished and protected"

Ayesha Muttucmaru - Get The Gloss


"I've just received a bottle of the W Pure Perfume Oil. It is absolutely beautiful. Sensual, nourishing, floral yet not too sweet, it makes me feel a little bit more sexy. That, to me, is a sign of an excellent perfume! I also love the fact that it's made from completely natural ingredients, as that both really shows in the scent and leaves me knowing I'm not harming my body with chemicals. Thank you Mauli."

Angela Verity - Therapist


"Mauli's facial mask has the heavenly scent of Saffron and Sandalwood and my skin feels dreamily soft and purified after using it; a very special product range".

Arizona Muse - Model - Model


"How decadent is this steel container! It even comes with a beautiful spoon to sift into your warm bath water and the salts smell amazing."

Stacie Oakes - Pixiwoo


"I make my own beard oil for myself - because I've never found one that I like - until I tried yours. Absolutely amazing!"

Gabriel Reedy


"I used my Radiance Exfoliant yesterday and not only did I have instantly brighter skin, it must have taken 10 years off my appearance! Despite being pregnant and with a toddler I was embarrassingly asked for I.D in the supermarket!"

Sarah Atkin - Social Media Specialist


"Totally blissed out after my Mauli treatment. The perfect de-stress for a busy mum of two"."

Leonora Bear - Journalists


"The products are super luxe, natural, have exquisite scents and are handcrafted in England. Sacred Union Scent & Dry Oil is just divine and the exfoliant smells delicious and is one of my favourites".

Sandra - Beauty Balm


"I love them all and I adore your Radiance Exfoliant, which is as close as I get to taking my face on a mini-break - these are beautiful, pure, soulful products".

Emma Freud - Broadcaster and Cultural Commentator


"W is like a burst of the orient, capturing the depth and spirit of Indian mysticism. A long lasting powerful scent that fills you with a sense of passion".

Tessa Williams - Author Cult Perfumes


"I'm using your gorgeous hair and body oil a lot - I put it on sometimes at night before bed so the scent wafts around me as I relax into sleep."

Diane Hill - Co-founder, Essential Parent


"I have just have bought some of your products for friends. I can’t tell you how soothing they are and how relaxed I feel using them. Definitely something to share – they’re an introduction to another world. Thank you so much for creating them."

Ines Alfillé - School Secretary


"Mauli was one of my most treasured discoveries in 2015. They are my ultimate idea of what natural beauty is, really. In addition to their amazing range, I want to share Mauli perfume - one of the most beautiful and definitely one of the best natural scents out there - warm, sensual, captivating. If you are looking for a signature fragrance that is also good for your wellbeing, try this."

Natalia - Fashioned By Love


"My treatment was really amazingly good - Love Mauli Products."

Alice Hart Davis - Beauty Journalists


"Nourish made my beard and skin feel softer than any other product I have used and it's a major bonus that it's natural and smells amazing".

Steve Beard - Graduate Surveyor


"I applied Grow Strong and slept like a lamb. A friend visited the next day and one of the first things she commented on was how glossy and healthy my hair looked".

Linda Middleditch


"What wonderful products - the fragrance is so gorgeous and feels both refreshing and calming. To the high standard I have come to expect of Mauli."

Anita Waddell


"My partner gave me your eternal love set for my birthday. I thought I must email to say it is all so beautiful. I loved the picture and adore the real things".

Torie Elliot


Thank you for the lovely scented Nourish Oil and so beautifully presented. I shall use it sparingly, as my son does on his beard, and afterwards as an after shave".

Raymond Laren


My daughter Maia, massaged Grow Strong onto my scalp. The texture of my hair now feels amazing. It's a fantastic product".

Nina Fanos


I'm waiting for my flight to Melbourne to board… My hands and hair have a fine coating of Mauli oils which are helping me in my quest to stay relaxed… A rather glamorous lady next to me just asked me what scent I had on since she thought it was gorgeous. Indeed it is - thank you Mauli".

Daisy Hall - Documentary Maker


"I loved everything in the discovery set. Thank you and I can't wait to place my next order".

Kim Parkinson


"I've thoroughly enjoyed using your products and ind the scents very transformative and enjoyable... They satisfied my expectation for a product experience way beyond the usual promise of bath and body...The hair oil especially did wonders for my dry hair!".

Charlotta Harbour – GM for UK Beauty Brand


"Just received my body oil and it smells divine".

Sarah Stephenson


"I tried the Grow Strong Hair Oil and I think it's great. I have been using the oil just after conditioning while my hair is wet, as my hair is very dry, and leaving my hair to air dry and after two days noticed an improvement. Love it and will definitely continue to use!".

Emma Robinson


"Just soaked in Sacred Himalayn Salts - Beautiful. So refined and so restorative. I want everyone to try, try, try and tell all their friends".

Kate Alvarez Cogan


"Nourish is simply great. Not oily and with a soothing relaxing yet uplifting aroma".

Damon Anthony


"The order arrived in perfect condition. I am delighted and a bit excited. Thanks for sending so quickly".

Lorraine Aaron


"LOVE the oils…especially Sacred Union and the face scrub is great – so easy to apply and smells lovely. And the face cloth is incredible and I have so many but yours truly stands out".

Ali Robinton  - Fashion and Lifestyle PR


"My favourite men's grooming products, that I used on the judges whilst filming the GQ Grooming Awards – Mauli Face & Beard Oil.  The guys loved the oil and were amazed at how it smelt and how soft their beard felt".

Alice Howlett – Makeup Artist


"Loving these men's facial hair products by Mauli – proper slick stuff".

Dean Piper – Journalist


"Applying Grow Strong Hair weekly enables calmness & confidence that my hair will continue to stay robust despite coming to that age where a lion's mane starts to wane".

Sanjiv Arora - Corporate Lawyer


"I swear by Mauli's Himalayan Healing Salts and after a 20 minute bath in these, I always feel a true sense of calm and inner peace, my joints and muscles feel warm on the inside and really relaxed and repaired".

Lily England – Assistant to Chery Cole & Lifestyle Bloggert


"The lovely Rose Mist appeared with amazing timing, as I was having quite a bad day yesterday. I was in much need of something calming.  The problem was fixed quickly and now I feel that all things are possible, and sweet-smelling".

P. Richardson


"I absoutely love Sacred Union and use it all over; including on my hair – it's subtle and I prefer it to perfume".

C. Wilson


"I received this candle as a gift and can't believe how amazing the scent wafts through my home. I didn't realise there is a beautiful quote inside the glass jar, which appears as the wax reduces. I've already made a list of family members who would love this for Christmas".



"The bath salts are, at first glance, a treat purchase, but after you have used them once you will be hooked! a small silver type spoon guides you the amount needed and the salts dissolve easily enveloping you in a heady rose inspired fragrance, I will buy them again, even though they last very well".



"I absoutely love Sacred Union and use it all over; including on my hair – it's subtle and I prefer it to perfume".

C. Wilson


"This is a really nice oil. Being a dry oil it sinks into the skin and does not leave any greasy residue. It gives your skin a nice natural glow and does make your skin very soft. I have used this on my body and it's great, smells good and keeps skin hydrated for a good 24 hours. I've also used a small amount on the ends of my hair and it really does stop your hair from drying out. It's a lovely product not unduly expensive and yes I would recommend and I will repurchase."




"This is such a gorgeous face mask, leaving my skin feeling soft, supple and exfoliated without being harsh or damaging. It smells glorious and is really fun to use! I feel totally pampered every time. The hair oil smells incredible and nourishes the hair so that it feels soft and healthy without weight. It's quickly become part of my weekly routine"

Sophie Blue


"I have used this beard oil for a while now and I love it. The scent is fantastic and it can be used for so many different purposes. Pre or post shaving, to keep the beard soft, in the hair or as a moisturiser in the face when the skin is dry. Can't recommend it enough!!".

Carl Harris


"I have purchased the face serum many times and I LOVE it. I don't leave the house or the country without it. I love using it before I go to bed, especially around the eyes and mouth. During the day, I have it in my bag ready to touch up around my eyes. It absorbs beautifully. I even put it over my make-up very lightly (around the eyes). I sometimes mix it with my moisturiser if I'm feeling dehydrated. I truly can't live without this product. It is a must-have for any woman!!!"

Kelly Nahama


"The most uplifting oil I've experienced. I first tried this spirited oil in my local Space NK store and couldn't stop thinking about it as the scent lingered. It is so invigorating and love the fact all the ingredients used are natural".

beauty talk


"I love to use this serenity body oil before showering or I leave it on at night to wash off the next morning when I feel I need a bit extra tlc. Always end up feeling soothed, skin looks and feels softly hydrated and I come back to feeling like myself if ive burnt myself out. As I love to train but also love beauty, this oil does everything I could want, soothes muscles, reduces any excess heat and inflammation and leaves my skin silky. Natural ecoluxe at its best. "



"The most uplifting oil I've experienced. I first tried this spitrited body oil in my local Space NK store and couldn't stop thinking about it as the scent lingered. It is so invigorating and love the fact all the ingredients used are natural."



"By the way, (in a stroke of complete co-incidence) I have just posted a FB comment about the Supreme Skin Face oil that you kindly gave me at the Space NK event!  Supreme Skin Face Oil is absolutely wonderful (I glow) and recommended it to my pal who has rosacea and was really in despair over her skin.  She emails me practically daily to tell me how fabulous it is…!!"


Natalie Loughran – Marketing Manager 


I love your product.  It was introduced to me when I was ill by my daughter, I have now recommended  it to a relative in the hope she too will benefit as much as I have. I will use it forever."

Sheila Sadler


"Would thoroughly recommend, it smells divine, the fragrance is sublime, lasts on the skin too, and feels so soft even hours after applying. Lovely, lovely product, will definitely be buying again. The Himalayan salts are also one to get too! "


"I have recently purchased your hair oil. What an amazing product. I have coloured hair which has lost its dullness from the processing chemicals. I used this product on my hair as per the directions once and hair was left feeling light and so shiny that I was stopped in the street my a lady asking how I got my hair shiny. My work colleagues commented on the shine also as I walked into the office. I wanted to say thank you and well done on such an awesome product. I have tried many oils over the years and this one is far the best and money well spent. "

Yasmin Zaffar