Dosha Balancing Sound Therapy Sessions

We are devoted to your well-being and all Mauli aftercare products are offered with complimentary access to 15 downloads of short and powerful sound therapy sessions from four leading women in mind and body healing. Simply choose the dosha-specific session that most resonates today and let the powerful words and sounds sink into the deepest layers of your subconscious.

Our Experts

Dr Tara Swart

Visualisations to shift the core beliefs that hold us back from living our highest potential.

A medical doctor, PhD neuroscientist, Author of ‘The Source’ and faculty member at MIT Sloan, Tara specialises in the intersection of science and spirituality.

Estelle Bingham

Meditations to help release fear and open the haert to love of self and others

Estelle has over two decades spent supporting individuals to express truth, and embody their innate joy and potential through her podcast, retreats and private transformational sessions.

Alice Law

Visualisations infused with reiki healing to work on the energetic and emotional systems

Stress management consultant, Reiki master, mindfulness teacher and host of ‘the unstressable podcast’, Alice coaches individuals to tap into their healing power.

Athena Ko

Gong and sound bath healing frequencies to move from negativity to clarity and confidence

Twice voted Tatler's 'best on wellness', Athena is one of London's leading Gong Masters and she helps executives of Fortune 500 companies to move from stress to mental clarity and purpose.


Choose these for greater clarity, confidence and building trust in your decisions, knowing you have the answers within.


Choose these when needing to release emotions and find greater peace and acceptance of situations, self and others.


Choose these when needing to energise and uplift mind, body and senses, knowing you have strength and power to endure.