Native Brit's of Indian origin, husband and wife team Anita and Bittu Kaushal enjoyed careers in brand development and skincare distribution respectively, until a life changing-event triggered their desire to change direction. It was on a pilgrimage to their motherland they re-discovered the healing power of India's Ayurvedic traditions and beauty rituals. As they set about studying the scriptures, it was Bittu's father, an Ayurvedic doctor and the true embodiment of vitality and bliss, who guided them to distil the synergy that would bring efficacy, purity and luxury to Mauli's anointing collection.

 "In creating Mauli, we set our expectations high. Having worked closely with manufacturers and retailers of premium skincare gave us an insight into superb synthetic products that delivered promising results. On the other end of the scale, family would return from trips to India laden with natural beauty and wellbeing products that whilst pure, left a lot to be desired in terms of the texture, scent and application we had come to expect. In Mauli, we sourced the most exquisite natural ingredients expertly formulated for inner balance and outer radiance, because we believe one can't truly exist without the other" A.K