Whilst beauty trends come and go, just as with yoga, people the world over are re-discovering the immense benefits of ancient Vedic wisdom. We hand blend rare and refined natural ingredients supremely rich in antioxidants and exquisite in scent for a layering ritual that effectively repairs, rejuvenates and soothes the sense but as importantly, balance and nourish within, so your true radiance has a chance to shine. 



Weekly Rituals/Twice Weekly Ritual
Bathe in Sacred Himalayan Detox Salts for 15-20 minutes to allow nutrients to penetrate into the skin and counteract the negative impact of daily radiation, ease aching bones and relax the mind. (flower) Apply mask of Radiance Exfoliant to remove deep down toxins and once dry, clean with Pure Muslin cloth to reveal soft, glowing skin. (flower)  Do not rinse the salts but once bathed, wrap yourself in a towel and drink plenty of water to re-hydrate.  (flower) Before sleeping, massage Grow Strong Overnight Treatment Oil to scalp and roots. (flower). On waking, shower, wash your hair as normal and notice how much softer, glossier and healthier it feels. (flower). Apply Sacred Skin & Hair Dry Oil all over to heal, hydrate and leave skin silky soft and subtly scented. (flower).  Finish by anointing pulse points with W Pure Perfume Oil to amplify the magnificence within.
Daily Ritual
Mix Radiance Exfoliant with your daily cleanser to give skin a deeper clean and an instant glow.  (flower). Apply Sacred Skin & Hair Dry Oil from tip to toe for fuss-free moisturisation moisturisation and silky soft skin. (flower). Finish with W pure perfume oil to amplify and bring your magnificence to all you do. 


Weekly Ritual/Twice Weekly Ritual 
Massage Grow Strong Overnight Treatment Oil to scalp and roots to repair and rejuvenate thinning hair. (flower). On waking, shower and apply a paste of our refined Radiance Exfoliate to cleanse skin and prepare it for shaving. (flower). Once dry, remove Radiance Exfoliant with wet Pure Muslin Cloths and shave.
Moisturise with Nourish Post-Shave and Beard Oil to soothe skin and tame beard, whilst leaving a lingering scent. 
Finish by anointing your pulse points with our signature M. pure fragrance Oil to amplify your ability to bring knowledge, intuition and excellent to your day.. 
Daily Rituals
Mix Radiance Exfoliant with your daily cleanser or with water to better prepare skin for shaving and leave it instantly tighter and brighter.
Wash face with Pure Muslin Cloth and once shaved apply Nourish post-shave and beard oil.
Finish by anointing your pulse points with M. pure fragrance Oil to amplify your creativity, intuition and strength.
"Just as we take time to look after our minds and body through exercise, nutritious food and meditation, Mauli's anointing rituals complete the circle of wellbeing. These time-honoured purifying beauty rituals bring inner balance, outer radiance and a provide a time to reflect on the magnificence of your being"  BK