Marma point therapy is an ancient form of massage that's gentle in touch and deep in healing. Working on the bodies subtlest energies, marma point massage is a little like acupressure and supports the release of blocked energy (prana), so physical and emotional toxins can pass freely through the body.

What Are Marma Points?

Marma points are precise anatomical junctions within the body where two or more tissues meet. There are 107 major marma points (or 108 if you count the skin) and these sensitive, hidden energy pathways lay between the subtle and physical body. 

In Ayurveda it is known that every cell in body has a memory and these get stored, creating blockages, stopping prana (life force energy) from freely flowing through the matrix of the body. Stimulation of the marma points and moving this stagnant energy is said to affect everything from hormone production to the health of the vital organs.

Marma points are located over the lymph nodes, joints and chakra and when they become blocked, can cause toxins, stress and negative emotions to manifest in physical symptoms such as pain, inflammation and premature ageing.

How Marma Point Massage Works

Marma point therapy is the practice of stimulating and activating hidden energy points located over the lymph nodes, joints and chakras. Gently touching marma points is like switching a lightbulb on. The energy is there and now you’ve tapped in; and just like a dimmer, you can increase the flow or reduce it. 

There are 37 marma points above the neck connected to various parts of the body and sensory organs of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. When massaging the scalp, not only do you release physical and emotional stress, allowing for better hair growth, you indirectly work on a myriad of other body parts, with the understanding that the body and mind are a beautiful, interconnected web.

Marma point massage offers a liberating and simple, self-healing method, steeped in ancient wisdom. Introduce marma point therapy into your dinacharya (daily routine) practice and become your own best healer from the comfort of your home.

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Mea Jenner