Our bodies are complex, and slight shifts in our routines, or emotions can cause us to feel unbalanced. If you haven’t been feeling like yourself recently, then finding out how your emotions can affect not only your mind but also your internal organs could truly benefit you. In this article, we will be exploring the relationship between how we process certain responses, and how that can, in turn, alter our internal balance. 

How Are Organs And Emotions Connected?

Each and every emotion we feel is associated with an internal organ. When one emotion feels too overwhelming or intense, it can actually impact how the organ functions. This is due to each emotion impacting the circulation and direction of our internal energy. 

Relationship Between Our Organs And Emotions


Some of the regular day-to-day emotions we may experience, such as anxiety, fear, and even guilt can be directly connected to at least one of our organs. For example: 

  • Grief- Lungs
  • Fear - Stomach
  • Anxiety - Intestines
  • Trust - Gallbladder
  • Indecision - Colon
  • Anger - Liver
  • Resentment - Spleen
  • Guilt or Shame - Kidneys
  • Attachment - Heart

How To Rebalance Your Emotions

The mind and our emotions can create both vitality and disease in the body.  When we take responsibility for the way in which our body feels and link it to the related emotion, we can begin to heal and live with greater harmony.

When our doshas are out of balance, our emotions can also be thrown off. Whether it be from one dosha becoming more dominant or disturbed, it can make us feel restless and unlike ourselves. A good example of this is when excessive Kapha is present. This could cause you to feel tired, unmotivated, and have more ‘sad’ thoughts than normal. 

We recommend finding your equilibrium with our very own alchemy blends. Depending on what your imbalance is, we can help you find harmony once more. Based on your dominating dosha, here is what we recommend: 

Our Recommended Rebalancing Ritual

Due to an unbalance in our emotions, we can occasionally suffer from an unhealthy or uncomfortable digestive system. Our Brain & Beauty Plant Alchemy is a cleansing combination that helps you combat this unwanted symptom. Created to aid in more healthy digestion, sharpen your concentration, restore radiance, and encourage deeper, calmer sleep, we recommend adding this organic adaptogenic powder supplement to your daily routine. 


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