The Ayurvedic Menstrual Cycle 

Understanding your Ayurvedic menstrual cycle can be crucial in having glowing skin as well as gaining control over your energy and mood. Much of a woman's life is lead and guided by hormonal cycles, from puberty all the way through to post-menopause. In Ayurveda, as our cycle commences we go through three different cycles, which will affect your skin and mood. 

  • The vata phase lasts from approximately day 1-5 (from the first day of bleeding). 
  • The kapha phase lasts From the end of bleeding until ovulation (approx. days 4-14). 
  • The pitta phase lasts from ovulation until your period starts (days 14-28). 

Hormonal phases and the skin 

ayurvedic skin hormonal cycle to help skin during period and menopause

Vata Phase: 

  • Skin starts to feel dry, perhaps flaky. 
  • People with a vata imbalance may have poorer skin health here and need a double dose of hydration.
  • Plenty of water, healthy fats and rich nourishing oils for the face and body are recommended.  
  • Keep warmer and calmer, with plenty of rest in this phase. 
  • Liquorish and ashwagandha are excellent nourishing herbs at this time. 
  • This is the perfect time of the month to use our VAYU skin perfecting concentrate. This intensely rich, quickly absorbed concentrate delivers immediate moisture, whilst gently softening fine lines.

Kapha Phase: 

  • Skin is often at its most glowing here and those who experience this can be lighter with their skincare routines. 
  • People with a kapha imbalance however, may experience poorer skin health with excess greasiness and/or pimples at this time. 
  • light, clarifying skincare routine is recommended. 
  • Encourage the detoxification of excess toxins with plenty of invigorating exercise, the outdoors and yoga and breathing techniques to clear the mind. Or if you’re feeling well, get out and enjoy life being most clear and productive at this time. 
  • Shatavari and Aloe Vera are excellent herbs at this time.
  • This is the perfect time of the month to use our PRITHVI skin perfecting concentrate. A whisper-light oil for when Kapha imbalances appear and skin is over-reactive or hormonal. Perfect time to rest and restore the skin and rely on the biodynamic brilliance of this serum to turn troubled skin around.

Pitta Phase: 

  • Skin can become sensitive and inflamed at this time for everyone. 
  • Those particularly with a pitta imbalance may find more hormonal breakouts at this time, along with dark circles under the eye and a general dullness to the skin. 
  • Skincare that supports healing and rejuvenation is best at this time. 
  • Help the liver eliminate toxins at this time, eat warm slow cooked foods focusing on cooling flavours. Then detoxifying salt baths and warm oil massages will help also. 
  • Herbs such as Triphala peppermint and again aloe vera will help at this time.  
  • This is the perfect time of the month to use our AGNI skin perfecting concentrate. This oil is great for combination skin that can become inflamed, sensitive and pigmented during that time of the month. Exceptionally healing Co2 extracts of Neem and Gotu Kola, repair and soothe skin tissue, whilst a rejuvenating base of organic Moringa, Tamanu and Jojoba combine to speed up cell renewal.







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