In late autumn and early winter, the vata energy is abundant in the atmosphere. This means that all body types are more prone to vata imbalances. In order to stay healthy and balanced, Ayurveda suggest to live according to a seasonal routine, called ritucharya. ⁠

Rituacharya is an Ayurvedic practice compromised of two words – ‘ritu’ meaning season and ‘charya’ meaning ritual or routine. Rituacharya is therefore the Ayurvedic science of adapting one's diet and lifestyle in tune with the seasons. 

The best times of day to exercise are in the early morning and evening hours (6–10 am and 6–10 pm). Vata is very easily aggravated by fast, mobile activities, so consider slow, gentle, strengthening forms of exercise instead. Walking, hiking, swimming, biking, yoga, and tai chi are good choices, provided they are done at an appropriate level of intensity.⁠

Ideally, exercise at about 50-70% of your capacity, breathing through your nose the entire time. And remember to balance your activity with adequate relaxation and sleep so that your tissues can rejuvenate properly. ⁠

Mea Jenner