There is no denying it, no matter how much you’re looking forward to the destination, traveling is stressful. The 101 things on your packing list, checking and rechecking your ticket, keys and passport, long-haul flights, lengthy queues and a schedule that isn’t quite inline with what you’re used to back home. Couple the usual travel stressors with the new lockdown measures and restrictions and you have the perfect storm for restless nights, anxiety filled flights and a weakened immune system. The stress of travel can almost take away the purpose of your travel in the first place which is to rest, recover and spend time with loved ones. 

Enter Ayurveda, an ancient holistic lifestyle approach that will help take the stress away from your travels, and wake up balanced in both your mind, body and spirit. Keep reading for our top Ayurvedic Travel Tips…


1. Maintain your night time ritual

Travelling somewhere different can throw your routine into a bit of a tailspin. Sleeping in a different bed, in a different climate and not surrounded by your usual home comforts can lead to a night of tossing and turning. The purpose of travel is to switch off, relax and recover, something that is impossible to do on little to no sleep. 

One of our top Ayurvedic travel tips is to bring along a few familiar items to help you maintain your usual night time routine. This will induce feelings of familiarity and comfort when it is time to turn out the lights. Whether this is lighting your essential oil candle to scent your room like home, maintaining your pre bedtime meditation ritual or a spritz of your Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist. P.s. Our soothing and sleep inducing blend of botanicals even comes in a mini 10ml size, perfect for popping in your carry on!

night time ritual

2. Spoil yourself with a massage

Travelling can not only be stressful on you emotionally, but it can also take its toll on your body too. Sitting upright on long haul flights, carrying luggage from one mode of transportation to the other and emotional stress manifesting itself in your shoulders can all lead to sore muscles. To help you switch from work mode to holiday mode, enter your holiday time with a touch of self massage. The teaching of Ayurveda even prescribes weekly if not daily massage as a form of self care, a teaching that most of us can get on board with!

Our collection of Mauli Mini’s includes our much loved Spirited Kapha Body Oil, Surrender Vata Body Oil and Serenity Pitta Body Oil so you can rebalance your doshas through self massage wherever your travels may take you. 

travel massage

3. Top up on your tea

Another simple Ayurvedic travel tip that you can take with you on your journey, is utilising the power of Ayurvedic tea. Sampling all of the exciting local delicacies can often leave our digestive system out of whack, not to mention the toll stress takes on your gut and immune system. 

When you rise in the morning, before you set out on your day of exploring or adventuring, we recommend adding some hot water to your Ayurvedic tea of choice. Each of our Herbal Infusions are uniquely created to aid with digestion, boosting your immune system and even calming the mind. Enjoying these warm brews will help you maintain balance throughout your day, at home and on the go. 

ayurvedic travel

4. The power of Himalayan Healing Salts

Did you know that Himalayan Healing Salts can even help with jet lag? Simply adding these pink salts to warm water can create the perfect foot soak for weary travellers. Containing 84 out of the 92 minerals found in the body, taking a relaxing soak can invoke feelings of well-being, calm and serenity in an overly stimulated world. Their healing properties will also help soothe aching feet and blisters from a day on your feet. They even come in Himalayan Healing Salts Travel Size sachets too! 

travel healing salts

James Oakley