Purity, Protection, Peace


Mauli Rituals formulate transformative self-care products rooted in ancient India’s Vedic wisdom.  With a respect for nature’s power and an appreciation for genuine quality, we are honoured to bring you the healing art of Ayurvastra with our limited edition of organic, hand-loomed meditation shawls.


We’re so excited to bring to our Mauli customers the new collection of fair trade and organic shawls that are crafted by artisans in Rajasthan, using the same yarns and methods used when making robes for the Dali Lama.

Mauli believes in the healing power of plants, be it the kitchen, in skincare or on the skin. Wearing our Ayurvastra yarns against the skin in a calm state, supports the body to absorb the properties of the all-natural herbal dyes.

 From spinning the finest yarn and gathering temple blessed flowers and herbs, to the time-honoured slow dyeing methods, delicate hand fringing and sajani embroidery; our shawls are as individual as the wearer and carry the passion, devotion and stories that are part of their creation, radiated back to you.


The story of the shawl

  The Healing Art Of Ayurvastra 


Time-Honoured Methods and Artisan Integrity









 Envelop yourself in these  generous, soft shawls when meditating to experience their healing properties and carry on your travels to imbue their protective, calming energy.




“It’s a privilege to work with the principles of Ayuvastra and at the same time support artisan communities to thrive and keep this tradition alive, while helping reduce chemical pollutants found in water and by bringing gentle healing to the wearer as only plants can.” - Anita Kaushal 


Annabelle Hookway-Jones