Mauli turns three today and I could not pass by the opportunity to express gratitude to our suppliers, stockists, press, friends and you; our growing community. While it was two years in the making, I remember the evening we launched. Essentially, sitting at home with Bittu, Manav; a few close friends; pressing ‘live' on our site and toasting the next part of our evolving journey. Then it was simply to trust and put one foot in front of the other. 

The intention then was, as it remains now; to raise £1m for children's charities in honour of our beloved daughter Milli, who had passed away from a brain tumour. The vehicle would be Mauli - all-natural and organic products inspired by our heritage and the time-honoured wisdom of Ayurveda, crafted to encourage self-nurturing, stillness and letting go. Mauli is a daily healing and I hope it gives you as much as it gives me. These rituals are designed to make you feel beautiful inside and out and give you the time and tools to truly honour your sacredness. In stepping away from your daily demands, I hope you are able to be fully present to the joy of living.

As I write, I think about the power of three. The brand was going to be called 108 - three sacred numbers that sum up the way I feel about life. That we are all one, that we are not things, that we are infinite. Then came the name Mauli, which is all about connection, protection and a wish for wellbeing. Our sacred Mauli thread is offered with three bells; symbols to value the past, honour the present and have faith for the future. 3; the number of our new office and a place that brings me together with a wonderful group of people, all working towards a common goal. Mauli - the magical name that resonates with me on so many levels, except I did not know it at the time of naming it so. Another three. MA are the first two letters of my son’s name, LI are the last two letters of my daughter's name and in between is U; the community we celebrate and serve with Mauli. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share and give. The past three years have been an amazing ride and we continue to simply put one foot in front of the other, but now with plenty of pauses in–between to just be.

With love,

Mauli Rituals