Ayurveda considers digestion as one of the most important pillars of our health. Eating healthy is extremely important, but if our bodies are not digesting it properly, the food we consume is doing more bad that it is good. When our ‘digestive fire’ is working optimally, our bodies can fully absorb all of the nutrients in our food and effectively rid the body of toxins, preventing a build up of ama. But, did you know it is not just our gut that digests on a daily basis? There is an abundance of information of the digestion of food, but little on the digestion of other stimuli. 

When we are journeying through our day our eyes are digesting what we see, our ears are digesting what we hear, our nose is digesting what we smell and our skin is digesting what we feel. With many of us focusing on what food we digest to achieve physical wellbeing, it is often overlooked what our other senses are digesting and how this can impact our mental wellbeing. If we were as careful with what our other senses digest as we do with our food, would our mental health be more balanced?

digital detox

What is a digital detox?

Whilst Ayurveda was around thousands of years before the new digital age of social media, constant access to email updates and the complicated online world we now live in, the teachings of Ayurveda are something that can still be perfectly relevant for a digital detox.  

With the ever evolving capabilities of digital technology all designed to make our life easier, it seems that this is correlated with increased levels of stress and feelings of overwhelm. Having access to work emails wherever we may be at the touch of a button sounds ideal right? Whilst this allows for more flexibility at work, having constant access to the world and the world having constant access to us can leave you feeling burnt out and craving ‘me time’. 

Ayurvedic Digital Detox

The solution could be as simple as switching your phone off, connecting with your surroundings and indulging in a digital detox the Ayurvedic way. Being conscious of what you're consuming and being aware of all of the unnecessary distractions demanding your attention is the first step in making a positive change. 

After reading this blog post, become aware of how many times you pick up your phone out of pure habit, not because you have anything you particularly need from your phone. It is so ingrained in our lives that the second you have a moment of quiet, you reach for that device as a way of relaxing. But is this really what you need? Think about what you would do if this was your gut digestion. What would be the healthy option for your mental health to do at this moment instead of reaching for your phone?

ayurvedic digital detox

Substitute Digital Distractions with Ayurvedic Practices

Aim to switch off your devices for at least 20 to 30 minutes each day (for longer if you can!). When you free up the time you would spend scrolling through news feeds and emails, you will not only be giving your senses a break from digesting an overwhelming volume of information, but you will also be giving yourself the opportunity to add to your wellness ritual with positive energy and Ayurvedic practices during your digital detox. Switching out the negative for the positive. 

This can be whenever the time suits you. For example, instead of waking up and switching on your phone… leave it off. Instead you can fill this time with mindful meditation, yoga, writing a gratitude list or a self massage. You don't even need to leave your bed in the morning. You can simply place our Skin Massage Tool on your bedside table and wake up from your slumber connecting with your physical self through the relaxing art of self massage from the comfort of your cosy duvet. For a little more inspiration on how you can incorporate a morning Ayurvedic digital detox into your day, you can read our blog post ‘5-Minute Morning Ritual’ here.

James Oakley