We’re delighted to share with you the beauty trends that will dominate in 2019, as featured by the respected Global Cosmetics News.

the Beauty trends you should expect in 2019

1 - Sustainability

As advocated by Ayurveda, we believe all people and things are connected on a macro and micro level and as such, have always used recyclable and reusable packaging.  It was heartening to see plastic or rather the over-use of, taking global centre stage last year and the drive to reduce waste will continue to gain momentum in 2019 – here’s to that.

2 – Minimalism

For too long, we’ve been sold 10 Step programmes that add to the noise but fortunately, 2019 will see a move to the ‘less is more approach’ to beauty.  When developing our pure products, our thought is always to simplify and most everything we offer is multi-purpose and along with saving time, these products save money.  

3 - Transparency

As more of us take on the Ayurveda approach of prevention as opposed to cure, we are taking greater responsibility for our wellbeing.  With this comes the need to know what’s in our products and how they are made.  Transparency is a major trend for 2019 and we’re all for sharing.  Please keep your questions coming so we can give you more of what you’re wanting.

4 - Ampoules

A trend from Korea, ampules are concentrated viscose fluids that deliver optimum results. They don’t take the place of serums but rather are an extra layer.  Sort of at odds with the less is more trend.  That said, it may means the concentration ensures less other product is needed. 

5 - Balance

Now for the trend that we’re really passionate about and here we’ve taken the copy from Global Wellness verbatim……now one area that we disagree with here is the fact that Ayurveda is simply based on ritual and balance.  Ayurveda is, in fact, a science and it is based on results and these go beyond skin deep.  The beauty of Ayurveda is that it enriches mind, body and soul through rejuvenating products and rituals and as they say, we’re at the forefront. 

"Considering we’re all questioning the exact concentration of this and the source of that, it is perhaps surprising that another movement set to be huge this year is one that is all about ritual and balance rather than science and results. Beauty treatments inspired by Ayurveda, already a runaway success in India, are predicted to go global this year – Mauli Rituals on Net-a-Porter is a precursor while Amway is considering taking its herbal line, conceived initially for the Indian market, international. Expect a wave of wellbeing products, designed to soothe body and soul." - globalcosmeticsnews.com

Here’s to a year of feeling beautifully balanced.

With love from Mauli Rituals

Mauli Rituals