As we move into Autumn you can boost your immunity and prepare your body and mind for the start of this new Ayurvedic season, governed by vata dosha. A cleanse will restore a sense of calm to the nervous system with over 3 days of mindful eating, gentle movement and sleep supporting rituals to rejuvenate and find balance within, inviting a return to self for a joyful, healthful vata season. 

The main element of a cleanse is to eat Kitchari. Kitchari is a sattvic food that is balancing to all tissues and all dosha. It is best eaten for 2-21 consecutive days as a cleanse, but can also be the perfect addition to a daily routine due to its healing properties and its easily digestible nature. You can find the recipe here

In ancient traditions, this delicious meal has also been given as part of panchakarma – Ayurveda’s ancient mind-body, cleansing and rejuvenation practice to strengthen the digestive and immune systems, restoring balance and wellbeing.

 Alongside eating well, we share some of our favourite Vata balancing rituals below. 

Weekend Cleanse Schedule 




Be your own healer. Do this simple home Ayurvedic cleanse and take responsibility for your own healing.  Notice as you feel lighter, brighter and fall back in love with your life. Follow us on Instagram for more tips. 


Annabelle Hookway-Jones