Christmas is a time of togetherness, gratitude and the joy of giving.  Yet in a world of mass production, climate change and increased pollution levels, we have a responsibility to give eco-friendly gifts that are as thoughtful and useful, as they are ethical.
 People Tree 
Here at Mauli, we hold the values of looking after our planet and people, so dear.  Our unique Christmas gifts are hand crafted and housed in reusable, recyclable packaging and we put £1.00 aside from every single product you purchase, to give to charities that make the lives of children happier and healthier.  We are all part of the solution, so let’s make this a joyful Christmas and remember to just be. 
 There are a few steps you can take to make your christmas shopping sustainable and ethical all the while saving money.

1. Shop local

Support your local community and buy from shops that allow you to have peace of mind thatch quality is worth the price tag and that the people who made the gifts had reasonable working conditions and pay. Shopping locally also generally has a lesser impact on the environment because the item doesn't have to be shipped or flown halfway around the world to get to you. 

2. Buy experiences

Gifting an experience, instead of an item, creates lifelong memories and has minimal, if no, impact on the environment. This can allow Christmas to be a reminder to make memories together rather than rinse your bank account. 

3. Give Back 

Donating to charity on behalf of someone is one of the most ethical gifts you can buy. You can also find brands who donate to charity for every product that you purchase, making it a even more valuable purchase.

4. Regift

While some people feel uncomfortable it, regifting is a great way to minimise waste. It allows for your unwanted energy in your home to become someone else's treasures. 

5. Shop at Ethical and sustainable stores

Businesses that put sustainability at their core values is business that is worth buying gifts from. Think key words such as organic, vegan, 100% natural and recyclable. The more we spend at these shops and support this type of business, the smaller impact we have on the environment. 

 Ou co-founder Anita has created a list of shops that she will choose to purchase gifts from this Christmas. 

People Tree
Launched 30 years ago, Free People are the only fashion brand approved by the World Fair Trade Organisation.  The brand is proof that ethical, eco-friendly clothes can be both fashionable and well-priced.  
I would buy myself this People Tree wrap dress to take me from work to play with least effort.  
Sacred Union Dry Oil Mauli Rituals
I’ll be giving this to my niece, who has recently moved to Australia.  As she wears the Dry Oil & Scent, she’ll feel nourished of mind, body and soul, knowing our connection remains, no matter how far we are physically.  The scent comes with a sacred thread bell bracelet, serving as a reminder of our connection.  
The Wanderer London
Our beloved dog Star will be getting a gorgeous little dog basket from the Wanderer London.  Not only is the basket made of totally sustainable materials, it happens to look rather chic and stylish and that appeals to me, so we both benefit. 
Bulk Market | Plastic Free shopping
I’ll be re-using our Himalayan Salt Steel vessels and amber jars to buy delicious food for my friends from Bulk-Market.  This zero-waste retailer is a beacon of light in the face of over-consumption.
I’ll be buying Bittu and my son Manav gadgets from Lst gift and sound. Bittu will get a Bluetooth speaker to take on our holiday over Christmas and Manav will get Bolt Wireless Airplugs.  Their ethical products support hard of hearing children by donating hearing aids. (Ship to US only)
Toast cashmere Jumper
I can remember the first A5, matt Toast catalogue landing on my doorstep. It had just a few cosy jumpers but was love at first sight.  I’ll be buying my sister one of their Brickett Davda Round Bowls.  Each made by hand, this is an unique gift made with love and devotion to an old craft and that carries so much meaning and pleasure.  It’s timeless and truly beautiful. 
I’ll be buying one of their cosy jumpers – love at first sight.
All Birds Shoes
I’ll be buying my brother footwear from Allbirds because they are understated, well made and sustainable shoes, with the soles being made of sugarcane and the uppers from eucalyptus trees or naturally made merino wool.  I might get myself a sneaky pair too.  

Other Ethical Brands that I like 

. Stella MacCartney

. Know the origin

. Swedish Stockings


Happy shopping x

Mauli Rituals