Mauli Rituals is officially eight years old. Eight years of celebrating love, nature, tradition, and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring. To celebrate this moment, we asked our team to share their favourite Mauli products, and why they choose to add them to their daily routine. 

1. Our Grow Strong Hair Oil 

We also deserve to feel beautiful and strong - and the same goes for our hair. Here at Mauli Rituals, we seek out the finest methods and ingredients for those who respect the power of nature and a proactive approach to living beautifully – inside and out. The same goes for our Grow Strong Hair Oil. Formulated with rare amino acids and rejuvenating actives, our award-winning hair serum not only nourishes the scalp but also adds thickness and shine to lack-lustre hair.

Our Team’s Favourite Products


That is why it’s Anita Kaushal, the co-founder of Mauli Rituals, favourite product. Anita says, “there are many superficial, quick fix solutions to better-looking hair, but if you want to encourage strong, healthy regrowth, it’s vital to nourish the scalp and the best way to do this is by using India’s most potent botanicals like the ones found in our Grow Strong Hair Oil. The best way to use it is as an overnight repair treatment.  So, just work into the scalp in sections, giving your head a good massage as you go or indeed have someone do it for you.  Work a bit through to the end, tie your hair back, and when you wake, wash as normal.  You will notice the hair is softer, fuller, and just looks healthy and beyond that, the oils work on a cellular level to improve regrowth.”

2. Radiance Exfoliant & Mask

We believe our products are truly a love letter to the ancestral roots and rich healing heritage of India. Whilst our range is crafted here in England, we harness India’s finest botanicals and produce transformative blends, which are completely natural - and our Radiance Exfoliant and Mask is no exception. 

Bittu, our other co-founder says that the aroma transports me back to India, it’s like a mini-break in Rishi Kesh (the nice smelling part). I also love the flexibility, if in a rush I make a thin, quick drying paste, otherwise, I like to experiment and am currently loving a bit of honey and rose water.”

3. Sleep Dharma Pillow Spray

Here at Mauli Rituals, we believe that your body is your home. By adding self-care rituals into your day-to-day routine, you will be able to offer yourself both the love and attention that you deserve, and that’s where our Sleep Dharma Pillow Spray Oil comes in. 

A night of uninterrupted sleep and a balanced bedtime routine are of the utmost importance for our sense of self-care and overall wellbeing. Mea, another member of our wonderful team favours this product, particularly when travelling. To quote Mea directly, “this is as much a travel essential for me as it is to have on my bedside at home! It’s such a comfort to drift off to the soothing scent and my husband loves it too, so he travels with us all over the world ensuring a good night’s sleep is just a spritz away wherever we lay our heads.”

4. Supreme Skin Cleansing Serum

Whether you are bathing in exquisite water, detoxing your skin, nourishing your scalp, or developing your body in deliciously seductive oils, every action of self-care goes towards us feeling beautiful from the inside out. Our Supreme Skin Cleansing Serum allows us to truly step up our skincare routine, and add in that extra feel-good ritual. 

Annabelle from our team says that “I cannot live without Mauli’s Supreme Skin Serum. It smells like a spa and it gives my skin a glow that I haven’t been able to achieve with any other skincare product.”  If you are looking to feed parched, and dehydrated skin, our nutrient-rich formula will help you harness the bright complexion you are after. With precious rose otto, champaca, and glow-inducing calendula anchored in tissue-healing moringa and argan; this restorative oil combines to diminish any oxidative damage, stimulate cell renewal and leaves skin looking supple and radiant.

5. Supreme Skin Cleansing Oil

Everyone needs an oil that is gentle on the skin but also allows for all traces of makeup, environmental pollutants and dead skin cells to be removed. Our Supreme Skin Cleansing Oil does just that, without disrupting the skin's natural equilibrium. That is why it’s Harbs, another member of the Mauli Rituals team's, go-to product - “It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling happy and hydrated. Cleanses so well, removing any makeup and the day stresses so effortlessly.”

6. Nourish Beard Oil 

Whether you are a frequent shaver or a proud supporter of a beard, caring for the hair and the skin is a must.  Our Nourish Beard Oil does not contain any water, just 100% natural and effective ingredients to condition, tame, and soothe your skin and beard. This is James, from our Digital Marketing team's holy grail product, and keeps his beard looking hydrated and not unruly.  “The smell is absolutely gorgeous! Not overpowering, and is extremely subtle. It’s now become part of my regular beard grooming routine, It sinks into the skin well, and my beard hair feels less coarse - would highly recommend it for any other beard keepers out there!”

 7.Anti Ageing Skin Massage Tool

Many of us prefer doing our self-care rituals from the comfort of our homes. Feeling at one with yourself can often feel much easier when you are familiar and comfortable with your surroundings. Our Anti-Ageing Skin Massage Tool offers you restorative therapy home from anywhere, including your own home, at work, or even when travelling. 

With the festive season fast approaching, Asher from our Digital Marketing team recommends giving the gift of self-care this year - “I would recommend this product to anyone looking to invest in their self-care routine. It’s beautifully made, and it would also make the perfect present. It’s very simple to use, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and revitalised, even after I’ve woken up!”

8. Sleep Dharma Himalayan Bath Salts

By taking a bath at night, you’re contributing to calming your mind and relaxing your body. As the water hydrates and softens your skin, you are also allowing your nervous system to unwind, and your body to release any toxicity it may be holding on to.

Our Team’s Favourite Products


Our Himalayan Bath Salts have a signature sleep-inducing therapeutic blend which Olivia, from our team, absolutely loves - “these bath salts are a must when it comes to my bedtime routine, the essential oil blend is soothing and gentle. Not only do they smell amazing, but they also help me drift off into a calming sleep.”


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