A silk scarf is a timeless addition to anyone’s beauty and self care rituals. The pure nature of the 100% natural material can bring both physical and psychological benefits to your day. Wearing it as a silk head scarf, silk hair accessory, silk bandeau or as a silk shawl will provide you with a soft and reassuring touch that can bring positive changes to not only your hair and skin, but your mental well-being too. 

Find out our 5 favourite ways to wear a silk scarf below...

How to Wear a Silk Scarf

1. Silk head scarf

One of the beautiful qualities of a silk scarf, and one which makes it so versatile is the soft and gentle nature of the all natural fabric. In our previous blog post about The Benefits of Silk For Your Hair we looked at the elegant and non abrasive nature of silk and how this protects the individual hairs. One of our favourite ways to use a silk scarf is to tie it securely around the head before you go to sleep to use as a protective silk head scarf. This will protect your hair from the friction of a cotton pillow, not only preserving your hairstyle, but also protecting your fine hairs from breakage, or splitting. Not to mention how stylish you’ll look and feel when you wake up in the morning with a luxurious silk head wrap on.

2. Silk hair accessory

Another one of our favourite ways to wear a silk scarf is as a silk hair accessory. Some things are just too gorgeous not to share with the world. This beautiful lightweight silk accessory can be tied around your ponytail, bun or wrapped around your head to not only keep your hair away from your face, but to bring a sense of joy and luxury to any outfit. The beneficial nature of the silk will also be kind to your strands and won’t cause any kinks in your gorgeous locks. 

3. Silk bandeau 

The benefits of a silk scarf are not just limited to your hair, but your skin as well. Thanks to the molecular structure of the silk itself, the natural protein does not draw moisture away from the skin, allowing your skin to breathe, maintain moisture and stay hydrated. If you are a pitta dosha and particularly suffer with dry skin, using your silk scarf as a bandeau can be a soothing touch against dry or irritated skin. Simply fold your silk scarf corner to corner, laying it flat against your chest with one corner pointing towards your lower abdomen. Simply tie in a beautiful bow at the back. This gorgeous silk top will be an equally breathable yet beautiful addition to any summer wardrobe.  

silk scarf

4. Silk accessory

Silk bag accessory, silk neck tie, silk belt, silk wrist tie. The possibilities are endless. Here at Mauli we have created a Temple Bless, Pure Silk Scarf which means that when you add your silk accessory to your outfit, you will not only be adding a stylish addition, but it will invite living your day with an abundant, love filled heart. Each scarf is dyed using pomegranate - a symbol of eternal life, fertility, beauty and power. The marigolds and coconut shells are also used in its creation which symbolises the shattering of the ego, inviting the intention to let go of illusions and claim our divine fearless nature. Something you will always be reminded of when you carry it with you. 

5. Silk shoulder wrap

For days when you need a reassuring hug, use your Temple Blessed Silk Scarf as a shoulder wrap. Created by physically challenged women who gather and craft used blooms into truly unique pieces, this meaningful creation is woven with blessings, passion, devotion and stories. The creation of these blessed silk scarfs provides the women with a sense of belonging and pride in their abilities, a thoughtful way to spread beauty in more ways than one. When wrapping the silk scarf around your shoulders and wearing it during meditation or throughout your day, you will feel the reassuring sense that we are all connected.

James Oakley