Why is it so many of us are enjoying working from home and others struggling to focus. Beyond the luxury of space, could it have something to do with the layout? 

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture and conscious home design, based on the laws of physics and of the five elements of nature. It dates back 1000’s of years before Feng Shui and has its roots in Vedic scriptures, along with its sister science Ayurveda. The aim of Vastu is to create a healing, healthy space where prana (energy) can flow through freely without obstruction and in harmony with the laws of nature. Vastu principles manifest supportive life situations through purposeful, ordered, calm stability for joy and greater success.

Directions play an important role in Vastu as the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and space are energetically linked with particular directions. Each compass location has specific Vastu attributes that guide the optimum placement of rooms, furniture and possessions to facilitate properties from peace, health and good sleep to success and cash flow. While you won’t find interior design advice in the ancient vedic scriptures, you can apply a few points of Vastu and its elemental influences into your home and work space, to support harmonious energy flow and experience positive shifts in how you feel.

Use these tips to balance the energy in your existing space.

Find Your Centre

The centre of a home is an incredibly sacred space according to Vastu principles. Locate this middle region or brahmasthana (Sanskrit for “establish wholeness”) and make sure it is clear of clutter, wires and objects allowing energy to move freely through.


Own Your Sanctuary

So you might not be living in your dream home and maybe you would prefer a bigger kitchen or brighter office space, but a big part of Vastu is accepting the space you are in and claiming it as your own. Find a way to make it appealing by removing objects that don’t bring you joy and create a space that reflects your true self. Soon you’ll be honouring and feeling gratitude for what you have.

Reflect On Your Reflections

As Vastu is based on the laws of nature, it is said that anything that goes into a mirror bounces back; so mirrors are considered very powerful and placement of them crucial. Never place one across from the front door, since this would reflect away all the positive energy from entering your home, and avoid having one in front of the bed – even if it’s on a dressing table- your reflection must not be seen in a mirror when in bed. Avoid placing mirrors in dark spaces, and instead opt for locations that reflect beauty – such as opposite a window that looks onto a garden or landscape.

Mind Body Reset

In Vastu principles, the northeast area of a house is linked to the water element and is considered a calming space. This makes it a perfect area to relax, unwind and find peace. Light a candle and use this zone to deepen your yoga and meditation practice, keeping any window blinds open to invite in as much light as possible.

Set Up For Success

Vastu recommends placing your desk chair under a smooth ceiling free of ceiling beams, which has an oppressive vibrational influence. Make sure your desk is not touching the wall in front of it to let energy pass through and sitting facing east or northeast while working is best to help keep your mind clear and alert while boosting focus and creativity.


Mea Jenner