Ayurveda focuses on the mind-body connection and places great emphasis on the importance of themorning routine.  While our urban lifestyles can make even 5 minutes seem a challenge, starting the day right can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing and allow you to deal with life in a gentler manner.

Follow these three simple steps for a morning ritual that becomes an opportunity for self-nurturing, stillness and letting go so your true light has a chance to shine. 


Find a happy spot, grab your favourite cushion, sip warm water and light your favourite candle.

For centuries, candles have been used in sacred ceremonies to bring a peaceful ambiance into a space.  The simple act of lighting a candle can bring pleasure and deep sense of wellbeing.  Ours is made with 100% essential oils of pure rose, jasmine and sandalwood to bring clarity and calm.


Sit facing East, as you are then flowing with nature’s elemental direction and begin your gratitude practice. As you do this you become present and feel positive about all that’s been and is to come. Positive psychology research has found that a practise of gratitude is consistently associated with greater happiness and helps people to think more positive thoughts, appreciate good experiences and improve their overall health.

There are many ways to approach the moment of gratitude, but the most effective way is to write it down, as this creates a more real vision.  Try the five-minute journal as it helps you create and maintain the ritual, while being a pleasure to use.

5-minute morning ritual | Mauli Rituals


Breath has the power to clean the mind and truly focus on the power of now.  Whether that be a meditation, yoga or just a few deep breaths. The benefits of  breath in activities such as yoga are vast, you can read up on a few here.

We all have different ways that we can access our breath be it sitting in awareness or practising pranayama.  Find what works for you, build up the time and most importantly keep it to a consistent.

Practising breath work allows us to cleanse the body of toxins while feeling energised and able to face whatever the day brings.

How to create your 5-minute gratitude ritual | Mauli Rituals

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