Pitta Dosha - Fire & Water

(pron: pit-uh). Pitta energy governs chemical transformations related to digestion, metabolism and assimilation energy on a physical and emotional level. Pittas are focused, intelligent and intense. You are assertive, dominant and unafraid to speak your mind and can rise to any challenge. Dynamic, passionate and ambitious, you are a natural born leader. Athletic and of medium build and weight, have radiant skin that is commonly freckled or has moles. Your hair tends to be oily at the roots and course at the ends. They have an excellent digestive system, a healthy appetite, strong sex drive and sleep well, in short sharp bursts. Your strength of character and self-belief are second to none but be aware of keeping these in check or else the price you pay for your perfection can be a heavy one. 
SIGNS YOU ARE OUT OF SYNC WITH YOUR TRUE NATURE - An imbalance of Pitta energy can bring out cynicism, jealously, impatience, anger and a dominant nature. Physically an imbalance creates an aversion to heat, which causes sunburn, irritability and excessive perspiration. Other symptoms include rashes, peptide ulcers, heartburn, high blood pressure, stomach acid, insomnia and dry, burning, itchy skin and eyes. You really need to keep cool and calm by avoiding overexposure to direct sunlight and hot, spicy foods. Regular yoga practice, followed by pranayama breathing will help release negativity. Meditation, massage and gardening are ideal rituals for encourage a loving, compassionate attitude for self and others. An abundance of fresh, green salads, vegetables, sweet fruits and sipping cool water and mint infusions throughout the day will help restore balance. Once in balance, you are clear in articulating your aims and desires for the good of all.


Your Dosha-balancing essentials:


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