Ayurveda is becoming more known and it’s great to see it making it’s way into the popular media.  Recently Ayurveda and Mauli was featured beautifully in #InsideSpace by Samantha Nice, a writer from Space NK. Ayurveda helps us understand how beauty starts from the inside out, looking at what we eat and how we destress in modern society, paired with a 100% natural skincare routine can allow your skin to glow and allow you to feel energised.

 Samantha explores in the article; what is Ayurveda beauty and what products are best suited to your elemental make up?

 “As Ayurveda is about understanding your body, it views beauty from the inside out. ‘What we see on the surface of the skin gives us a deeper understanding of internal imbalances which can often be corrected through eating wholesome foods that are best for our mind or body type,’ adds Anita who created Mauli Rituals with holistic wellbeing in mind. By seeking out the finest methods and ingredients formulated in consultation with Ayurvedic practitioners, Mauli’s entire collection is natural, organic and crafted to keep the planet and its people healthy of mind, body and spirit.”

ayurveda beauty

To find out more about Ayurveda and beauty and which products are best suited to you, read more of this article here.

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Annabelle Hookway-Jones