We were delighted to see our Organic Ashwagandha recommended by Registered Nutritionist, Sarah Ann Macklin, in a recent article all on stress in Harper’s Bazaar. Beauty Editor Bridget March shared expert advice on simple ways to avoid getting swept up in stress – a brilliant read for anyone going through a busy, stressful period. Registered nutritionist, Sarah Ann Macklin, explains “We can make poor nutritional choices when stressed, reaching for high-sugar foods for an injection of energy,” Maklin continues. “Stress also increases the rate our nutrients are used, as it is in need of a higher demand.” So this is not the time to supplement with Haribo.” Instead Mauli Organic Ashwaganda is recommended alongside other brilliant supplement choices for optimum wellbeing.


You can shop our stress-busting supplement here and read the full article here.


Annabelle Hookway-Jones