Our gratitude forour Friends & Family | Mauli Rituals

The journey of creating Mauli is made possible by the positive energy and support of many, and it is with deep gratitude, we honour them here. 



From dark to light is the definition of a ‘guru’ and for me that man is my father-in-law. He studied Ayurveda at the University of Banaras and later built a thriving practice in England. Feeling duty bound to serve his community, my father moved into journalism and in doing so gave Asian migrants a much-needed link to their homeland. Ahead of his time, he and my mother-in-law published the UK’s first ‘all-Hindi’ newspaper, delivering a synopsis of India’s main news stories. 66 years on, my father has retired but only in a manner of speaking. He now fundraises, enjoys deepening his knowledge of Ayurveda, meditation, yoga and offering us sagely advice. Advice that inspires us to share the knowledge of how to thrive, not simply survive.


My passion for all things holistic, spiritual and artisan comes from my parents. Both arrived in England in the early 60’s. They rolled up their sleeves and worked hard while raising 7 children and opening heart and home to countless visitors. They opened a little corner shop, one of London’s first video stores called ‘sunshine electricals’, followed by a gift shop on Marylebone Rd, a grocery shop in Portobello and an import business of Rajasthani antiques and textiles. My parents had many hard knocks but they just got up and carried on with love and passion. Self-care rituals were simple but effective, with my mother’s consisting of gratitude, a weekly fast, intermittent fasting, a vegetarian diet, applying oil on her skin, essential oil for perfume, finished with a dash of red lipstick, her beaming smile and abundant, loving heart. My father would go about his day with oil in his hair, chewing on a neem stick or cardamom pods and his strength came from helping friends and strangers to progress in life. In Mauli we are inspired to pass on their self-care rituals and kindness and it’s why we go to lengths to share knowledge that goes beyond the products.


Our son Manav guides our values and attitude to mind and body, inspiring us to consider the wellbeing of future generations. In leading by example, we hope he will know that self-care rituals are not an indulgence, treat or vanity, but are as much a part of wellness as exercise, meditation, and nutrition. In Mauli, we hope to honour our son's future by keeping his heritage alive and celebrate the memory of our magnificent daughter Milli's past. 

 By raising £1m for children's charities, we aim to spread and keep Milli's goodness, love and light living on. 


Archana Shah is the head of our partner NGO in India. She is responsible for the exceptional quality of many artisan elements, from gathering rose petals from temples to hand preparing the little sacred thread found in many of our products.  Her commitment to empowering the village women of India and to developing natural products is unwavering. Everything we offer from her team comes with the devotion of many who you will never know, but who also share a wish for your wellbeing.

A chance encounter in Africa lead to Claire Fulton and I working together on my travel book for Thames & Hudson. As luck would have it, Claire ended up moving to London and shooting for Mauli. It's been a joy to watch her grow from chasing butterflies with the children to being the most elegant bride and exceptional photographer - one who brings her unique sensitivity and grace to all she touches. Thanks also to Sam Beason for super cut outs. 

Mea Jenner joined to manage Digital Marketing without us even having met. Our conversation took place with her in lock-down in New Zealand and me in London and next thing you know Mea had become a core member of our team. I have her saved on my phone as ‘Mea lovely’ because she is and she also happens to be brilliant at what she does. 

Annabelle Hookway-Jones co-ordinates social media and I’d say this is one of the hardest tasks at Mauli. I care so deeply that we inspire, inform, and educate, not to mention build a social media platform that is visually inspiring. Annabelle beautifully articulates our vision and then some, while also managing to teach yoga in her spare time and travelling to sunny destinations whenever possible.  

Harbs applied for a role at Mauli and we later discovered, she was one of our biggest and most loyal customers. She has come into the role of Operations and NPD as if she had always been here. Sometimes when customers call in, Harbs will take their call and I marvel at the unhurried and thoughtful way in which she supports them. Kind, considerate and positive, Harbs brings passion and dedication to Mauli and rather a lot of chocolates and sweets. I protest too much! 

Star has gone but will never be forgotten. He brightened our day beyond measure and was by my side for 10 magical years. It’s Milli’s turn to have him now and while not physically here, he remains in my heart and always will.   

We’ve also got Tejal managing our growth, Emma managing our books, Vania managing retail and then there are our manufacturers and fulfilment houses. We were truly blessed with this team. Over the years team members have come and gone, but they left their mark and we’re forever grateful. Claire, Fay, Jocelynn, Sam, Sophia and Anka.