by: Mauli Rituals

Inspired by India's trinity of Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer; M is a celebration of the many facets of man.  A confident, authoritative fragrance that is unafraid to show its softer, playful side; it opens with uplifting citrus top notes of lime and sweet blood orange with bright herbal accents, expanding into a sacred quartet of rose, jasmine and champa, enriched with celestial davana. Grounded in deeper mysterious base notes of earthy sandalwood, patchouli, lotus and vetiver, subtly accented with the floral musk of precious amberette.

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Made using traditional methods from an atelier in London M is blended in small batches to better preserve opulent natural (and where possible organic) ingredients. This portable rollerball gift set is further enhanced with mauli and three bells and nestled in fragrant marigolds (India’s celebratory flower and a symbol of honour and respect) and encased in a steel vessel.  This artisan fragrance carries the passion and story of all that is part of its creation captured in a bottle and radiated out to you.


A perfume's alchemy comes as much from the wearer as the precious oils.  Ideally fragrance should be applied immediately after a shower, when skin is warm and so can better absorb the scent. Anoint the pulse points on your neck and inside wrists to encourage an intimate ritual that amplifies the scent and amplifies your uniqueness. 


"Inspired by India's holy trinity - the Creator manifests his inner vision to bring greater beauty into the world; the Sustainer flows with the tide, remaining undaunted by challenges; the Destroyer cuts through ego, living his truth. There is something unexpected about a man hinting of rose and jasmine, but that is what makes M intoxicating; it is a fragrance that amplifies the shades of light and dark that make us complete". Bittu Kaushal


Blend – a base of jojoba and 100% natural, therapeutic grade essential oils, absolutes and resins. Free from water, alcohol, chemical preservatives, stabilisers and additives.

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Your wellbeing guides our collection: Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates, phthalates, GMO, PEG’s TEA and DEA and we never test on animals. Instead we use pure roots, flowers and therapeutic grade essential oils rich in antioxidants and minerals and known for their ability to repair, rejuvenate and beautify but as importantly blended to balance and nourish within, so your true self has a chance to shine.