Hand-Spun, Temple Blessed Khadi Shawl

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Fair-trade organic handspun shawl made using time-honoured slow dyeing methods, delicate hand fringing and sajani embroidery.

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Handmade Indian khadi shawl that is a modern day rendition of the Ayurvastra, where the cloth works as a mediator in transferring the exceptional benefits of Ayurveda to the wearer.

The simple elegance of our fair trade meditation shawls belies their detail and workmanship. Handmade in India on traditional looms using the finest organic Khadi and naturally dyed using plants and flowers gathered from Indian temples, our Khadi Shawls are as individual as the wearer and carry the passion, devotion and stories that are part of their creation, radiated back to you. As you embark on your morning meditation ritual, wrap yourself in the cocooning comfort and warmth of the shawl.

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100% Pure Organic Cotton


Sit in a comfortable position, wrap yourself in our generous meditation shawl, connect and just be. Carry on your travels to feel protected and calm.

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