by: Mauli Rituals

Five beautiful hand-drawn cards created with extraordinary detail and devotion. Ideal for numerous occasions, these can be given as simple black and white cards or personalised with your choice of colours or message.

Each set contains Lakshmi- The Goddess of Abundance, Shiva - Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer, Ganesh - God of Wisdom, Durga - a symbol of divine feminine energy and of course the Love card. Printed on the finest quality eco-friendly, recycled board and supplied with brown kraft envelopes, these striking designs also look great wall-mounted in simple frames. 

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Meaningful cards for mindful living, as well as giving, they are just a pleasure to colour, for the sake of just being.


Pick up your paints, pencils or pens. Get coloured and relaxed in the moment, just be.   


Printed on the finest quality eco-friendly, recycled board and supplied with brown kraft envelopes.


"This is the work of a brilliant intern who came to us to work on creative literature. One day, I noticed a large notepad in his bag and enquired what he had drawn. As he shared the inspiration behind each drawing, it become immediately clear to me that Kamil should be doing what he loves.  So, we decided to ditch the initial project and just give him licence to create.  He was struck by the symbolism of our deities and so it was, he would come in each day and draw and I would sit there watching this moving meditation, just awe struck by his complete beingness. It was a joy to discover Kamil's spark and we all have something waiting to be discovered and honoured. How blessed were we to share in this journey with our wonderful intern Kamil and we are forever grateful for the beauty he created and shared with Mauli". Anita Kaushal 



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