The journey of creating Mauli comes with the support and wisdom of friends and family and it is is with deep gratitude, we celebrate them here.


From dark to light is the definition of a ‘Guru’ and for me that man is my father. He studied Ayurveda at the University of Banaras, then moved to the UK and built a thriving practice. Feeling duty bound to serve his community, my father moved into journalism and in doing so gave Asian migrants a much needed link to their homeland. Ahead of his time, he published the first all-Hindi newspaper in the UK, which, much like The Week, delivered a synopsis of India’s main news stories. 45 years on, my father has retired but only in a manner of speaking. He now fundraises and enjoys deepening his knowledge of Ayurveda, meditation, yoga and offering us sage advice. Mauli is imbued with my father's love, wisdom and vast experience.


Nick-named ‘samosa boy’ for his love of Indian food, our photographer Alistair, happens to also be our brother-in-law, which is lucky, as I can't think of anyone who could have done a better job. On every shoot and indeed in life, Al creates a calm and clarity. As well as being a skilled photographer, Al is a passionate cyclist and the only man in our family who can skilfully tackle D.I.Y and play the Sax. If you can feel the quality and dedication that has gone into Mauli, it is because of Al's ability to bring these feelings alive through his photography.


Our son Marni guides our values and attitude to mind and body, inspiring us to consider the well-being of future generations. In leading by example, we hope he will know that self-care rituals are not an indulgence, treat or vanity. They are as much a part of wellness as exercise and meditation. His beautiful nature and positive energy are a constant source of inspiration. In Mauli, we hope to honour our son's future and the memory of our daughter Milli's, past. By raising £1m for children's charities, we aim to spread and keep Milli's goodness, love and light living on.


Archana is the Head of our partner NGO in India. She is responsible for the exceptional quality of many elements of Mauli, for gathering rose petals from temples in North India and more. Her commitment to empowering the village women of India and to developing natural products is unwavering. Everything we offer you from her team comes with the devotion of many who you will never know, but who also share a wish for your wellbeing.


Michelle immediately understood and shared our love and belief in the positive healing power of India's precious therapeutic oils. Even when my commitment to creating truly opulent and complex blends for our unique scents became ever more challenging, she worked with deeper knowledge, patience and grace and our collection is better for having been touched by her healing hands.


I met Vicki and her team buzzing with ideas and they had the tricky task of distilling my thoughts into a coherent thread. They held my hand, but never once forced it and in this way, their design integrity and my values merged. As I got to know Vicki, I discovered she had left a very successful design agency at the top of her game to go it alone. Starting out alone from a desk in her home, she soon moved to offices and expanded to a team of ten. Her decision to set up Nalla was made in honour of one she loved, lost and held so dear and here was the thread that connected us. I hope when you see our brand design, you see not just our values, but Vicki's commitment and passion.


The phrase, "don't sweat the small stuff" must have been written for Paul. He is our super-chilled web developer and makes our lives lighter and brighter. Each request is greeted with enthusiasm and even if he is not sure something can be done, he will give it go and as if by magic, it's done. His email sign-off is 'big hugs' and I hope you can feel his happy vibes as we have felt during the building of our site.


I first met Phyllis when working on FamilyLifeStyle. Phyllis is the mother of three beautiful boys,and the author of the 'XS' series of books on small buildings, published by Thames and Hudson. She is currently working on a book about houses and literature with Unbound, and teaches English at Goldsmiths, University of London. Beyond all this, Phyllis is a selfless and modest women. I am humbled by her presence in my life and if you feel a connection to my words it is because Phyllis has checked them and given clarity.


I met Chantal on the school run and we bonded immediately. We share a love of yoga, wellness, of appreciating beauty in all things and above all, a wicked sense of humour. A Creative Consultant, Chantal has given invaluable input on every aspect of Mauli's creation. Gorgeous, authentic and open, she brings this beautiful energy to our collection.

In the early days of Mauli's conception, it was Fazia who brought everything into balance. Being so dear to my heart, I sometimes struggled to stop and it was Fazia who would remind me to step back and relax. Fazia brings with her such happiness and ease and we hope you feel it.

Grace and I have shared similar journeys in consulting and spending two years creating our collections. Grace launched Studio 10 ahead of Mauli and as such, she shared her knowledge. Three girls, a doting husband and a thriving business; Grace brings her boundless energy and resilience.


Petra helps keep our house in order, our son amused with old fashioned games that don't need electric sockets, tenderly loves our dog Star and supports us with Mauli. She brings her kind, gentle, patient nature to Mauli and we are immensely fortunate to have her continue to be part of this journey.


Our friend and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mohan for sharing his valued guidance and brilliant attitude in helping us formulate blends we feel proud to offer you. The Bright Birds for spurring me on to fly. Emma Millroy for having been a brilliant Assistant to me over ten years ago and still being a constant support and the one who brings her verve, and 'can do' attitude to Mauli.

Tessa Williams for remaining part of my freelance support system since she first interviewed me in 2008. A mother to Ocean, radio presenter, journalists and the author of Cult Perfumes, Tessa brings knowledge and trust to Mauli.

Lianna Soffe of Strategic Beauty, who I met at Ruby & Millie and who is a ray of light in my life. During darker days, it was Lianna who turned up at my door with her baby and a bag of arts and crafts to amuse the children and an excel document to help me get my head around margins and distribution. A fantastic Consultant, who brings strength, dignity and warmth to Mauli.

Thanks to Dear Friends Kelly and Nina for having shared every step of the journey. Beatrice for offering feedback on our labels. Poonam and Sarah for modelling and in doing so, bringing their true radiance to our shoot.


Your wellbeing guides our collection: Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates, phthalates, GMO, PEG’s TEA and DEA and we never test on animals. Instead we use pure roots, flowers and therapeutic grade essential oils rich in antioxidants and minerals and known for their ability to repair, rejuvenate and beautify but as importantly blended to balance and nourish within, so your true self has a chance to shine.