As we enter the sign of Aquarius, we look to the words of Ramakrishna for inspiration on where the path will lead you in 2017. You have spent the past few years planting seeds and waiting for the flowers to bloom. Creative and boundless, you have pulled against their nature and focused on a career at the cost of relationships and personal well-being.  But it’s all good as the coming year will see huge rewards for the groundwork you have done and it’s been a great learning to challenge yourself to focus on one area. Now it’s time to find balance by taking care of your health and having some fun. 


As someone who others rely on for support and guidance, you’ll find yourself being called on by friends and groups for your valued input. You’ll relish giving with no expectation of return, as giving is its own reward and will leave you with a greater sense of wisdom and growth.  This year is all about you shining your light on connections and using your wit and intellect to benefit those in your circle of influence. As for you, the flower has bloomed and the bees will come, with least effort.


Other great souls born under the star sign of Aquarius - Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Aniston. 


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