In Hinduism, the whole of creation and its cosmic activity is seen as having three main forces, which are further symbolised by three Gods, constituting the 'great trinity' of Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer.  Man's true power and excellence comes from intuitively knowing which part of our inner wisdom to reveal in any given situation.

The Creator (Bramha) seeks excellence and knowledge in all things, to bring forth greater beauty in the world.  The Sustainer (Vishnu) keeps the energy flowing, working with least effort to bring equilibrium to the most challenging of situations. The Destroyer (Shiva) cuts through the layers falsehood and negativity, surrendering the ego and finding peace in truth.    

"As a child, I loved reading the Amar Chitraka comic series, featuring epic tales of the holy trinity. Their naivety and black and white take on morality appealed to my young mind and I see now how universal these tales are.  As for me, I am Creator when I paint, Sustainer in times of trouble but Destroyer most of the time, as life is so much simpler, when you are honest with yourself and others. Life is really rather simple - just be".  Bittu Kaushal. 



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