New moons can signal confusion, misunderstandings and heightened emotions, but if we pay attention to our inner voice and intuition, they provide a prime opportunity to experience a sort of rebirth.  Let go of the push and pull mentality and instead, meditate and just be; then notice how obstacles turn into transformations for your vision, desire and soul purpose to reveal itself.  Here, Vedic astrologer, Eve James offers insight into the workings of the coming new moon and how to harmonise with its energy, so you can tap into your deep intuitive wisdom.  

The new moon on16th July typifies the renewal of energy; the renewal of that which was previously waning. The New Moon marks reinvigorated cycle of drama between the Sun and Moon, the dance of longing between the two Luminaries, a seemingly unrequited love that they express each month. This same romance can be felt within our own psyches as our emotional mind's yearning to embrace and mimic the fullness of the Soul; the desperateness of our limited self to taste something infinite or to confirm it’s divine purpose. New Moon’s hold the specific significance that they are a completely fresh cycle of renewed emotional energy and direction. Therefore, it is notable that our next New Moon will be aligned with the star-sign or nakshatra of Punarvasu, the star which literally reflects the rebirth or renewal of the light — it is the return of the light.

The Moon will be exactly “new" on July 16th @ 2:24am in London and July 15th @ 6:24pm PST (Los Angeles).

Punarvasu immediately follows Ardra or Arudra, the star of the storm or the star of tears. Whereas Ardra shows a complete psychological upheaval or hurricane that challenges our sense of self and purpose, Punarvasu is the foundation unveiled after the storm, leading the way to our true inner resources, our most sincere direction and our most remarkable hidden truths. The theme of this specific New Moon is recognition of the Guru or guide within, the independent validation of our personal life-wisdom and a perception of how we can best make that knowledge a living principle.

Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter (the teacher of the gods). It’s also the star of the great Mother Goddess Aditi अदिति “limitless" who gave birth to the gods, the twelve signs of the zodiac, akasha or space (ether) and speech (both inner and outer speech reflected in Punarvasu through it’s association with the signs Gemini and Cancer. Gemini is the outer manifestation of speech, communication and skills, whereas the priestly sign of Cancer expresses the inner voice, hence Jupiter, the planet of inner wisdom finds empowerment in this sign). A New Moon in Punarvasu means both the Moon and Sun will be torchbearers of rejuvenation and inner guidance. This may be a particularly interesting New Moon due to the fact that Punarvasu encourages retreat after the storm in order to replace the energy that was previously lost. The warm embrace and unconditional love of Aditi, the Divine Mother, will blanket, sooth and support independent endeavors to heal wounds that were previously inflicted.

Mars and Mercury will be joining the Moon and the Sun to give this new cycle a little more flavor. Be on guard for over stimulation of the imagination, or simply over thinking simple situations, mishaps in communication, temporary frustrations or increased activity beyond your means of control that leads to irritation. Even though this is a lot of energy in one place increasing the risk from emotional inflammation, the over-all outcome should be productive. Jupiter and Venus will also be together in the sign of Magha, which is a whole other topic, but due to this influence during the New Moon there will be ample opportunity to harness extra inspiration, to restore a damaged reputation or sow patches on the clothing of a torn friendship. Cooperation and appreciating each player in our team, so to speak, will be helpful during this time period as well. Because there is potential for miscommunication, it is best to fall back on the diplomatic side of this cycle and play nicely with others, create peace where there has been injury or simply double check the frame of reference before making any big statement or decision.

On an esoteric note, Punarvasu is a mystical nakshatra capable of establishing deep inner communication. For anyone who is thirsty for communion with Spirit and who has a thriving devotion-oriented sadhana this New Moon is electric. The breeze will be blowing strong and the music will be exquisite. If you have been considering practicing a traditional form of meditation such as Kriya Yoga or have been seeking guidance on your spiritual path, this is a window of opportunity to find the path you have been seeking. The sign of Punarvasu at once points towards both the inner guide and the outer guru. It’s a star sign that unites the teachings and philosophies of various paths with the deep intuitive wisdom you’ve collected from your own personal journey.

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