It’s no surprise fellow Aries Leonardo de Vinci spoke of stern resolve, as this star sign is not one to give up and is driven by the need for constant improvement.  

Goal-oriented, confident and charismatic; the flip side is that Aries can be rather hard on themselves.  Fortunately, this year, Aries' creative talents will flow by accessing their inner child and paradoxically letting go and letting god in.

There may be obstacles in terms of relationships, finances and career, but the solutions will come with effortless ease and none more so than in the career zone, where great strides will be made, as a result of having nourished the soul by having some fun. In overhauling many areas of life, this will be a year to look back on and feel proud of the beauty that has been created.

Wishing you every success in 2015 and above all, wishing you joy. Great souls born under the sign of Aries include Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Erica Jong, Washington Irving, Gabriela Mistral, Thomas Jefferson and you.  

When you join the dots, we are all connected and as with all these magnificent souls, we all have greatness within. 

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