Mothers Day Q&A - Mauli talks to Pink Lalani OBE about balancing parenting and career

Pinky Lalani OBE is the Founder of the Inspirational Women’s Network, Founder and Chairman of the annual Asian Women of Achievement Awards and Creator of the Women of the Future Awards, as well as a sought after motivational speaker and mother to Imraan 35 and Rishad 33. In celebration of mother’s day, Pinky shares her thoughts on how to find the balance between parenting and career.

My mother had an ayah who helped look after me. I enjoyed being a full-time mother to my boys until they were 8 and 10, but knew I could rely on the support of my husband’s large family and my dear sister.

The best advice my mother gave me
was to work hard and know the value of family.

My advice to any new mother would be to spend as much time as you can with your child; their growing up is precious and short. Your career can take many different forms and be resurrected.

My passion and desire to support women came from seeing so many with low self esteem and I wanted to raise this so they could achieve their goals.

The regular rituals that are a vital part of our family life are, lots of chats, lots of meals together and holidays too.

The 3 women who I most admire are my mother for her kind, calm nature and for always giving without expecting in return. She is 86 and I don’t think I have once seen her lose her temper. My sister for being bright, brilliant but understated. I respect her hugely for having absolutely no ego and always being there for me. Elif Safak – the hugely popular Turkish writer who in spite of her towering achievements is so unassuming and has such humility. All the women I have mentioned are strong, silent and humble.

If I could do it all again, I would live abroad for a few years and soak up the culture, the language and then start working seriously.

Three books that have left a lasting impression on me are: 40 Rules of Love – Elif Shafak, The Help – Kathryn Stockett, An Equal Music – Vikram Seth.

My proudest achievement remains being close to all my family - good relationships are a measure of a happy life for me.

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