We rejoiced when we heard that French luxury fashion brand, Céline, had chosen Joan Didion as the face of its Spring 2015 campaign.

The 80-year old literary icon is a much-revered writer and intellectual, and the positive reaction of the world proved that we weren’t the only ones who thought her a refreshing – and inspired – choice.

In the youth-obsessed fashion and beauty industries, the fact that many high-profile brands are by-passing lithe, dewy-skinned 18 year olds in favour of women in their 60s, 70s and even their 90s is an extraordinary about-face, in every sense of the word.

These new (or should that be old?) spokesmodels are strong and stylish, and embody confidence that women of every generation can relate to. They comfort and inspire us: we want to think that they are the future us.

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As well as Didion, there’s folk music legend Joni Mitchell (71) for Yves Saint Laurent; Iris Apfel (93) for New York jewellery designer Alexis Bittar (she’s also had her own MAC collection); and even a trio of elderly Italian grandmothers for a recent Dolce & Gabbana campaign. And let’s not forget British model and D&G veteran, Daphne Self (86) and bona fide supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice (83).

The beauty world is also embracing women of “a certain age”. L’Oreal has been doing it for years, with famous faces including Jane Fonda (77), Helen Mirren (69) and Twiggy (65). Then there’s Jessica Lange (65) for Marc Jacobs Beauty; and Charlotte Rampling (68) for Nars cosmetics. It’s all a far cry from the rampant ageism of just 20 years ago, when the magnificent Isabella Rossellini was famously dropped by Lancôme for being ‘too old’ – just days after she turned the ripe old age of 40!

This trend for celebrating the beauty, style and sheer life force of older women is sometimes traced back to the 2008 launch of Advanced Style (advancedstyle.blogspot.co.uk), the massively successful street-style blog highlighting older generations. But whatever the reason or genesis for this change in attitude, we applaud it. In a world where anyone over 25 is often judged to be past their sell-by date it’s a refreshing new take on the definition of beauty. 

While some commentators say the motives for this trend aren’t necessarily pure, the result is still the same: women being celebrated for their age rather than their youth, and venerated for their intelligence and accomplishments. It’s not just about the mere physical… it’s about spirit, and being a person of substance.

And this is the key. True beauty comes from really knowing yourself, and being happy and at peace with that person. It’s about loving the life you lead; the people in it; and yourself.

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